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💡 Material Design UI components for Angular (versions 4+)
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Material Light

**Material Designt UI components for Angular (versions 4 +)**


  • 100% Free forever.
  • Fast
  • Light
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Library of true componentes encapsulating Typescipt code, CSS and HTML as atomic units
  • Easy and quick form validation
  • Great performance on mobile apps.
  • Responsive content adaptable to desktop and mobile
  • Components available also as Angular Modules allowing Code-Splitting/Lazy-loading. This implies loading only the components needed at runtime
  • Ready for Ahead of Time Compilation (AOT)
  • Tested in main desktop/mobile browsers: Chrome (Android, IOS, desktop), FF, Edge, IE, Opera. (Browsers supported)
  • No dependencies from other libraries like JQuery or Bootstrap.
  • Note: Server Side Rendering not supported


The main goal was to achieve minimalism and performance, not to encompass all posible kind of options or UI components (this is the philosophy of Material Design Light too). You can always add other components from other sources.

If you find this project useful and are going to use it, please give a star in the repo and credits to the author and to Material Design Lite from Google

Terms of use under MIT license.


Yago López:


Insallation and Use

  • Using Node/Npm/Yarn, in a project generated with Angular-CLI, run: npm install YagoLopez/material-light --save
  • Whitout Node/Npm: Clone or fork the repository
  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • IMPORTANT: Adjust the basePath in mlDemoAppMod.ts to your environment
  • Run: ng serve from project directory


  • This project can be used with the angular-cli although not mandatory.
  • Material Icons must be included from {project-folder}/src/assets/fonts/mlIcons.css in your index.html
  • To have AOT working you must execute the following steps:
    • Copy {project-folder}/node_modules/material-light/src/app/ml/ folder to your /src/app folder
    • Copy {project-folder}/node_modules/material-light/src/assets/ folder to your /src/ folder
  • Import the component modules from {project-folder}/src/app/ml/components in your own module. Component modules have *Mod.ts file name. For example, if you want to use MlButton, import MlButtonMod.ts in your module and place <ml-button>my button</ml-button> in your template
  • Use the components following the examples in the {project-folder}/node_modules/material-light/src/app/pages directory.
  • Use <ml-layout> as base component to place inside it all other components
  • This project does not work in full strict Typescript mode. (strict flag must be false in tsconfig.json)


Basisc theming can be achieved using Angular special selectors in the root component:

  /* Header theme */
  :host /deep/ ml-header {
    background: cornflowerblue;
    color: yellow;
  /* Content theme */
  :host /deep/ ml-content {
    background: lightblue;

For advanced theming, CSS selectors must be used. Inspect the DOM using developer tools. For example:

  /* Button colored theme */
  :host /deep/ ml-button.mdl-button--raised.mdl-button--colored {
    background: brown;
  /* Button accent theme */
  :host /deep/ ml-button.mdl-button--raised.mdl-button--accent {
    background: green;

Running the demo

You can run the compiled demo pointing a web server to {project-folder}/node_modules/material-light/dist/index.html If you want to compile the project:

  • Clone or download the repo
  • Inside the project folder run npm install
  • Adjust the basePath in mlDemoAppMod.ts to your environment and run it with ng serve


Tests with the colaboration of:


  • This project is based on Material Design Lite from Google. It is an adaptation of MDL JavaScript components to Angular components with the permission of the MDL team.
  • Material Design is a Google's registered trade mark probably.
  • This is an open-source project without commercial or profit intention.

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