Seems like shaker does not compile Y.Router #45

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The issue is simple be recreated.
Just create a new simple app, using ShakerHTMLFrameMojit and one childmojit.

Inside the childmojit, you use this init (and require 'app'):

    init: function(mojitProxy) {
            this.mojitProxy = mojitProxy;
            var app = new Y.App();
                function() {
                    alert('ready app');

Without shaker, you get the alert. But as soon as shaker is active not.

I did some investigation, and found out it does not work because Y.Router does not fire the 'ready'-event.

So, I downloaded the core-code of Y.Router, and placed it inside the yui_modules directory. At line 2, I added: alert('router is loaded'); --> this code does not fire when the shaked-webapp runs. It does fire in case of the non-shaked webapp.

Marco Asbreuk


aljimenez commented May 26, 2013

Try setting resources -> bootstrap to false. Else try setting settings -> serveLocation to default. If neither work I will have to do further investigation to see what is going on.

Hi Albert,

settings -> serveLocation to default could not do (it was me last week who needed serveLocation: 'local')

Setting bootstrap: false however did work.
In the simple example above this leads to 2 extra requests from
but in my webapp, I get 7 extra

I suppose there is no other way?

Thanks in advance,
Marco Asbreuk
Its Asbreuk.

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