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-version @VERSION@
+version 0.5.7
@@ -8,12 +8,15 @@ Notes
your own error handler, then it is your responsibility to add it so that
errors can be handled appropriately.
+* An early preview of [`mojito-cli`]( has been published. Users can choose to try it with `npm install --global mojito-cli`. There should be no significant changes in functionality. It is intended to replace the functionality provided by installing the mojito npm package globally (which has been deprecated). Notes:
+ * users install mojito-cli package globally (if they choose to in this preview release period).
+ * users should install the mojito package _locally_, as an npm dependency of their application.
+ * all existing mojito command line commands should continue to operate in much the same way.
+ * `mojito create app Foo`, when mojito-cli has been installed, will use `npm` to install `mojito` locally automatically after generating the app files and directories.
-* Upgraded to YUI 3.9.0
+* Upgraded to YUI 3.9.1
* [issue #979](/yahoo/mojito/issues/979):
* The `mojito-handler-tunnel` middleware was refactored into a middleware
substack that more loosens the coupling between the parsing and handling
@@ -23,8 +26,10 @@ Features
`mojitProxy.invoke()`, but is still subject to the `tunnelPrefix`
Bug Fixes
+* issue bz6160815: port argument must be an integer
version 0.5.6

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