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version @VERSION@
+Bug Fixes
+version 0.5.7
* A middleware called `mojito-handler-error` has been added to handle
middleware errors. If you have redefined the middleware stack and do not have
your own error handler, then it is your responsibility to add it so that
errors can be handled appropriately.
+* An early preview of [`mojito-cli`]( has been published. Users can choose to try it with `npm install --global mojito-cli`. There should be no significant changes in functionality. It is intended to replace the functionality provided by installing the mojito npm package globally (which has been deprecated). Notes:
+ * users install mojito-cli package globally (if they choose to in this preview release period).
+ * users should install the mojito package _locally_, as an npm dependency of their application.
+ * all existing mojito command line commands should continue to operate in much the same way.
+ * `mojito create app Foo`, when mojito-cli has been installed, will use `npm` to install `mojito` locally automatically after generating the app files and directories.
-* Upgraded to YUI 3.9.0
+* Upgraded to YUI 3.9.1
* [issue #979](/yahoo/mojito/issues/979):
* The `mojito-handler-tunnel` middleware was refactored into a middleware
substack that more loosens the coupling between the parsing and handling
@@ -23,8 +42,10 @@ Features
`mojitProxy.invoke()`, but is still subject to the `tunnelPrefix`
Bug Fixes
+* issue bz6160815: port argument must be an integer
version 0.5.6

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