[bz5646042] `mojito start` fails in 0.3.27 #223

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isao commented Jun 21, 2012

to reproduce:

  • upgrade to mojito 0.3.27

  • mojito start

  • error for an app that worked pre 0.3.27, but has YUI3.4.x/Jsdom dependencies:

    ✖ There was an error starting the application:
    ✖ Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null
    at Object.fn (/Users/isao/Repos/mojito/myfork/source/node_modules/yui/dom-base/dom-base-min.js:7:50)

@ghost ghost assigned isao Jun 21, 2012


mridgway commented Aug 6, 2012

Is this relevant any more? Looks like this can be closed since we are recommending upgrading to later versions.


FabianFrank commented Aug 6, 2012

I also think it can be closed.

ramses0 commented Aug 14, 2012

$ mojito version
path.existsSync is now called fs.existsSync.
Version of mojito is 0.3.30

...following: http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/getting_started/mojito_getting_started_tutorial.html#make-the-application

$ mojito test app .path.existsSync is now called fs.existsSync.
[warn] undefined: overriding application config value: env
[WARN] MojitoServer: your mojit "HelloMojit" has a server affinity and these client-related deps: node-base, node-core, dom-core, dom-base, node-event, node-pluginhost, node-screen, dom-screen, dom-style, dom-style, node-style
[WARN] MojitoServer: Mojito may be unable to start, unless you have provided server-side DOM/host-object suppport


if (!process.listeners('uncaughtException').length) throw e;
TypeError: Cannot read property 'documentElement' of null
at Object.YUI.add.requires [as fn] (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/mojito/node_modules/yui/dom-base/dom-base-min.js:7:50)

...tutorial or mojito is broken.


rwaldura commented Aug 14, 2012

@ramses0 is your code nothing more than the tutorial app? what's in your HelloMojit?

ramses0 commented Aug 14, 2012

Yep, this is "base case" stupidly following the tutorial. I tried changing controller.server.js to controller.client.js to maybe adjust the "affinity" (?) but it gave different error messages which I am not familiar enough with mojito / node to figure out off the top of my head.

Quickstart worked: http://developer.yahoo.com/cocktails/mojito/docs/quickstart/ but the "HelloWorld" has not. Literally just mojito create app ; mojito create mojit ; mojito start as suggested by the tutorial.

This is with latest npm / node and the 0.3.30 mojito freshly downloaded. npm install mojito -g ... and copy/paste all the config stuff from the tutorial examples. Server starts after tweaking, but gives a different error message which I don't have on this computer. Shouldn't be hard to reproduce.


rwaldura commented Aug 14, 2012

Mmmh wow okay. @jenny could we look into this? I'm not going to be able to get to this today, sorry.


rwaldura commented Aug 14, 2012

I'm closing this ticket in favor of #387 -- let's work on this over there.

@rwaldura rwaldura closed this Aug 14, 2012


idearat commented Aug 14, 2012

I think closing is the right answer for 0.3.27 bugs. It turned out to be an unstable release for a lot of consumers. Focusing on 0.3.30+ and 0.4+ is the best answer.

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