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Awesome-NLP-Research (ANLP)

As part of the Fall 2018 course CPSC 677 "Advanced Natural Language Processing" at Yale, we developed, with the help of the students, a corpus of useful resources for NLP research. Bibliographies and Powerpoint Presentations for each topic are found below, in addition to several blog posts. We asked the students to also list relevant and prerequisite concepts for each topic, and these keywords are found here.

If you have any questions, would like to contribute further to this project or feel we are missing an important citation, please contact Alex Fabbri at alexander[dot]fabbri[at]yale.[first three letters of education]

Overview of papers presented in class

  • Capsule Networks for NLP by Will Merrill - BIB BLOG SLIDES
  • Commonsense Learning by Michihiro Yasunaga - BIB SLIDES
  • Dialogue Systems by Suyi Li - BIB SLIDES
  • Multilingual-Word-Embeddings by Davey Proctor - BIB SLIDES
  • Neural Embeddings By John Brandt - BIB SLIDES
  • Temporal and Dynamic Embeddings by Yavuz Nuzumlali - BIB SLIDES
  • NLP in Finance by Gaurav Pathak BIB SLIDES
  • Natural Language Generation by Tianwei She - BIB SLIDES
  • Knowledge Graphs by Tomoe Mizutani - BIB SLIDES
  • Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval by Rui Zhang - BIB BLOG SLIDES
  • Neural Information Retrieval by Danny Keller - BIB SLIDES
  • Character-Level Language Modeling by Angus Fong - BIB SLIDES
  • Latent Variable Models in NLP by Brian Kitano - BIB SLIDES
  • Unsupervised Machine Translation By Yongjie Lin - BIB SLIDES
  • Neural Computational Morphology by Garrett Bingham - BIB SLIDES
  • Network Methods by Noah Amsel - BIB SLIDES
  • Neural Semi-Supervised Learning by Alex Fabbri - BIB SLIDES
  • Question Answering by Talley Amir - BIB SLIDES
  • Attribute-Level Sentiment Analaysis by Ishita Chakraborty and Davey Proctor - BIB BLOG SLIDES
  • Semantic Parsing by Bo Pang - BIB SLIDES
  • Sequence2Sequence by Jack Koch - BIB SLIDES
  • Seq2SQL by Tao Yu - BIB SLIDES
  • Spectral Learning by Hannah Lawrence - BIB SLIDES
  • Single Document Summarization by Yi Chern Tan - BIB SLIDES
  • Transfer Learning by Irene Li - BIB SLIDES

Additionally, students from the class made blog posts on the following topics:

  • OpenAI Transformer - BLOG
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