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yaledining PyPI version

Python library for obtaining Yale Dining data via the YaleDine API.

NOTE: The legacy Yale Dining API has been deprecated and Yale is not updating the data it provides. As of v2, this package instead uses the YaleDine API, an unofficial student project that scrapes Yale's various dining websites and provides clean and standardized JSON-formatted menus.


First, install the module:

pip3 install yaledining

Then, to use these functions, you must import the module:

import yaledining

Before using the library, you must instantiate its class, for example:

api = yaledining.API()
# "api" name is just an example, this may be anything you desire

This API does not require authentication.

Retrieval Functions

  • halls(): get a list of all dining Halls on campus.
  • hall(id): get a single Hall object by ID (two-letter abbreviation).
  • hall_managers(hall_id): get managers for a Hall.
  • hall_meals(hall_id, [date], [start_date], [end_date]): get a list of Meal objects from a certain hall. Equivalent to meals, but with mandatory hall_id.
  • managers([hall_id]): get a list of Manager` objects, from a single hall if specified or for all halls if not.
  • meals([hall_id], [date], [start_date], [end_date]): get a list of Meal objects representing meals listed for the hall_id specified, or all halls if omitted. Specify date to get meals for a certain date, or start_date and end_date to get meals for an inclusive range of dates. Omit all three to get all meals.
  • meal(id): get single Meal by ID.
  • meal_items(meal_id): get a list of menu Items included in a meal with given ID.
  • items([meal_id]): get a list of Items served in a given meal, or all items.
  • item_nutrition(item_id): get nutrition data for a menu item.

Note that it almost always cleaner to use builder syntax such as:

meal = api.hall('GH').meals([0]
item = meal.items[0]
item.nutrition.calories  # => 340

See more examples in


Models follow the schema listed in the YaleDine API documentation. Shortcut methods provided by this package are listed below for your convenience.

  • Hall: a dining hall.
    • managers: get Managers for this hall.
    • meals([date], [start_date], [end_date]): get Meals in this hall, providing date parameters as in standard meals call.
  • Manager: a manager for a hall, stored inside Hall objects.
  • Meal: a single meal.
    • items: get menu Items in this meal.
  • Item: a single menu item.
    • nutrition: shortcut to get Nutrition for the item.
  • Nutrition: index of nutrition facts for an Item.

See for several usage examples.


Erik Boesen

This software is not endorsed by Yale Dining, Yale Hospitality, or Yale University.




A Python API wrapper for the Yale Dining API.







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