Simple script to start and manage bhyve virtual machines
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StartVM (startvm) is a shell script to run and manage Bhyve virtual machines. It's just a simple wrapper, indented to easy Bhyve usage.


To install this script just clone the Github repository and symlink startvm somewhere into your path. Rename system.cfg.sample to system.cfg and edit it to match your needs. The file must be in the same directory as the script itself!

The following kernel modules must be loaded:

  • if_bridge.ko
  • if_tap.ko
  • nmdm.ko
  • vmm.ko

If you want to boot Linux VMs sysutils/grub2-bhyve must be installed. If a vncviewer is installed, the script will start it with the 'vnc' command for supported VMs. net/tigervnc is recommended.


Create a new directory in your VMDIR. The directory name is used as VM name, so do not use any character forbidden by Bhyve. Put the config.cfg into it, alter it to your needs. Now you're ready to start your VM:

Usage: ./ [vmname] cmd

 - cons:   Open a serial console to the guest
 - halt:   Send an ACPI shutdown request to the guest
 - help:   This message
 - kill:   Kill the VM
 - list:   List all known VMs
 - run:    Run the VM
 - status: Show status
 - vnc:    Run vncviewer or print the VNC port