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Yangre-gui is the idea of Benoit Claise and was built by Pieter Lewyllie for the IETF 99 Hackathon

It is a GUI on top of W3C-compliant regex validators like w3cgrep and yangre (one of the tools from libyang) so that one can be sure their regexs will work in YANG models.

For context, this was a major issue that Openconfig had. While there were a number of POSIX/Perl validators like regex101.com, there wasn't a W3C one.

Getting Started

After cloning the project:

  • compile and install the w3cgrep utility (it may be required to explicitly install and link with libxml2);
  • configure config.py with the appropriate paths for the yangre and w3cgrep executables. I had some issues with yangre not finding the right library files, so I included an explicit path to the library. Feel free to remove or customize this as needed.

Best is to start it via the YANGRE.INI file as a UWSGI vassal (for example by linking /etc/uwsgi/vassals/yangre.ini to the yangre.ini-dist of this repo).


  • Have w3cgrep and yangre installed on the local machine
  • Python 3.5
  • Flask

Nginx configuration

        location /yangre/static {
                alias /home/yang/yangre/app/static ;

        location /yangre {
            include uwsgi_params;
            uwsgi_pass unix:/var/run/yang/yangre.sock ;


Special notes on Yang Catalog edition

The scripts have been tuned to be integrated into https://yangcatalog.org and the docker directory has been removed.


Thanks to Joe Clarke, Radek Krejci, all the testers from IETF and especially Benoit Claise for allowing me to participate! :)