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bbe5487 Jul 18, 2016
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set nocompatible
" because my shell (fish) is not POSIX
"set shell=sh
call pathogen#infect()
runtime macros/matchit.vim
syntax on
filetype plugin indent on " enable detection, plugins and indenting in one step
" Global options"{{{
" Search
" change the mapleader from \ to ,
let mapleader=","
colorscheme solarized
set clipboard=unnamed,unnamedplus "Feed automatically the clipboard with the content of the unnamed register (works in both direction)
set ignorecase " Case-insensitive searching
set smartcase " But case-sensitive if expression contains a capital letter
set incsearch " Highlight matches as you type
set hlsearch " Highlight matches
set gdefault " substitute on all matches by default
set number " Show line numbers
" Tabs and indentation.
set autoindent " Copy indent from current line when starting a new line
set smartindent " Smart indent when starting a new line
set tabstop=4 " Width of <Tab> char
set softtabstop=4 " Number of spaces inserted when pressing <Tab> in insert mode
set shiftwidth=4 " Number of spaces inserted when (auto)indenting
set expandtab " In insert mode, convert tab to spaces
set textwidth=80 " line length above which to break a line
set colorcolumn=+0 " highlight the textwidth limit
set nowrap " Turn off line wrapping.
set scrolloff=7 " Show 7 lines of context around the cursor.
set sidescrolloff=7
set showmatch " when inserting a bracket, briefly jump to its match
set nojoinspaces " smarter behavior of 'J' (join lines)
set laststatus=2 " Show the status line all the time
"never ever let Vim write a backup file!
set nobackup
set noswapfile
set hidden " don’t ask before closing a window
set visualbell " no beeping
" show tabs / nbsp / trailing spaces
set list listchars=nbsp:¤,tab:··,trail:¤,extends:▶,precedes:
set wildmenu " Enhanced command line completion.
set wildmode=list:longest " Complete files like a shell.
set wildignore=*/target/*
set wildignore+=tags
"If you have :set autoread in Vim, use :checktime after pulling from hg/git to
set autoread " Automatically read a file that has changed on disk
"persistent undo :help new-persistent-undo
set undodir=~/.vim/undodir
set undofile
set undolevels=1000 "maximum number of changes that can be undone
set undoreload=10000 "maximum number lines to save for undo on a buffer reload
set nrformats= "treat all numerals as decimal, even if padded with zeros
set formatoptions-=or
" Global mappings "{{{
" Disable arrow keys
noremap <up> <nop>
noremap <down> <nop>
noremap <left> <nop>
noremap <right> <nop>
inoremap <up> <nop>
inoremap <down> <nop>
inoremap <left> <nop>
inoremap <right> <nop>
noremap H ^
noremap L $
" remap U to <C-r> for easier redo
nnoremap U <C-r>
nnoremap <Tab> za
inoremap jj <Esc>
nnoremap / /\v
nnoremap <Enter> g<c-]>
noremap vp :exec "w !vpaste ft=".&ft<CR>
vnoremap vp <ESC>:exec "'<,'>w !vpaste ft=".&ft<CR>
" Alternative: Space/BackSpace for Page Down/Up
noremap <BS> <PageUp>
noremap <Space> <PageDown>
nnoremap <leader>a ggVG
"Open last/alternate buffer
noremap <Leader><Leader> <C-^>
"clear highlighted searches
nnoremap <silent> <leader>/ :nohlsearch<CR>
" Reselect visual block after indent/outdent
vnoremap < <gv
vnoremap > >gv
" from steve losh :
nnoremap <leader>v V`]
nnoremap <leader>ft Vatzf
nnoremap <leader>W :%s/\s\+$//<cr>:let @/=''<CR>
" qw with qwerty lafayette
nnoremap <silent> æ :q<CR>
nnoremap <silent> é :w<CR>
" Quickly edit/reload the vimrc file
nnoremap <silent> <leader>ev :e $MYVIMRC<CR>
" open a vertical split and switch over (v)
nnoremap <leader>v <C-w>v<C-w>l
nnoremap ŭ <C-w>v<C-w>l
" open a horizontal split (s)
nnoremap <leader>s <C-w>s
nnoremap ß <C-w>s
"Quick buffer navigation
nnoremap gb :buffers<CR>:sb<Space>
" switching / moving / creating tabs
noremap <silent> <Esc>y :tabnew<CR>
noremap <silent> <Esc>u :tabprev<CR>
noremap <silent> <Esc>i :tabnext<CR>
noremap <silent> <Esc>U :exe "tabmove " .(tabpagenr()-2)<CR>
noremap <silent> <Esc>I :exe "tabmove " . tabpagenr()<CR>
noremap <F5> :!ctags -R
" Sudo to write
cnoremap w!! w !sudo tee % >/dev/null
" align end of line comments in my vimrc
nnoremap <leader>ac 0f"80i <esc>30\|dt"
nnoremap <leader>tn /TODOo [ ]
nnoremap <leader>tx ^lrX
nnoremap <leader>tw dd/@waiting<CR>p
" Autocommand"{{{
augroup customfiletypedetect
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.m,*.oct set filetype=octave
au BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.md set filetype=markdown
" automatically reload vimrc when it's saved
au BufWritePost .vimrc so ~/.vimrc
au BufRead .vimrc setlocal shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2
autocmd FileType json setlocal equalprg=python\ -mjson.tool
"map <leader>jt <Esc>:%!python -m json.tool<CR>
au FileType scala setlocal shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2
au BufEnter *.scala setl formatprg=java\ -jar\ /opt/scalariform/scalariform.jar\ --stdin\ --stdout
au FileType yaml setlocal shiftwidth=2 tabstop=2
au BufWritePost *.mm !refresh-store
au filetype qf map <buffer> <cr> <cr>
augroup END
" From ornicar "{{{
" Open a Quickfix window for the last search.
nnoremap <silent> <leader>? :execute 'vimgrep /'.@/.'/g %'<cr>:copen<cr>
" Replace what's selected
vnoremap <C-h> ""y:%s/<C-R>=escape(@", '/\')<cr>//g<Left><Left>
" Pull word under cursor into LHS of a substitute (for quick search and replace)
nmap <leader>zs :%s#<C-r>=expand("<cword>")<cr>#
" Global quick search-replace
nmap <leader>sr :!ack -l <C-r>=expand("<cword>")<cr> \|
\ xargs perl -pi -E 's/<C-r>=expand("<cword>")<cr>//g'<left><left><left>
" Start a substitute
nmap <leader>ss :%s/\v
" Fast file renaming
nmap R :let _pfn="<C-R>=expand("%:.")<cr>"<cr>q:iRename <C-R>=expand(_pfn)<cr><esc>^w
" Compatible with ranger 1.4.2 through 1.6.*
" Add ranger as a file chooser in vim
" If you add this function and the key binding to the .vimrc, ranger can be
" started using the keybinding ",r". Once you select a file by pressing
" enter, ranger will quit again and vim will open the selected file.
fun! RangerChooser()
exec "silent !ranger --choosefile=/tmp/chosenfile " . expand("%:p:h")
if filereadable('/tmp/chosenfile')
exec 'edit ' . system('cat /tmp/chosenfile')
call system('rm /tmp/chosenfile')
map ,r :call RangerChooser()<CR>
" Plugins configuration"{{{
" Ack
"let g:ackprg="ack -H --nocolor --nogroup --column"
let g:ackprg="ag --nogroup --nocolor --column --ignore=tags"
nmap <leader>j mA:Ack<space>
nmap <leader>ja mA:Ack "<C-r>=expand("<cword>")<cr>"
nmap <leader>jA mA:Ack "<C-r>=expand("<cWORD>")<cr>"
" CtrlP
nnoremap <Leader>o :CtrlP<CR>
let g:ctrlp_map = '<c-p>'
let g:ctrlp_root_markers = ['.ctrlp']
let g:ctrlp_by_filename = 1
let g:ctrlp_max_files = 0 "no limit
nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>
" airline
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1
set noshowmode
" Tern
let tern#is_show_argument_hints_enabled=1
" cra.vim
autocmd! BufWritePost cra.vim source <afile>
let g:NbCPPerYear = 22
let g:NbRTPerYear = 9
let g:NbRemainingCP = 21 " remaining CP end of 2013
set statusline+=%#warningmsg#
set statusline+=%{SyntasticStatuslineFlag()}
set statusline+=%*
let g:syntastic_always_populate_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list = 1
let g:syntastic_check_on_open = 1
let g:syntastic_check_on_wq = 0
let g:syntastic_aggregate_errors=1
let g:syntastic_sh_checkers = ["sh", "shellcheck", "checkbashisms"]
let g:syntastic_markdown_checkers = ["mdl"]
let g:syntastic_yaml_checkers = ["jsyaml"]
" gem install mdl
" brew install checkbashisms
" npm install -g jsyaml
" Scala"{{{
"Error format for SBT, and shortcut to open SBT quickfix file :
set errorformat=%E\ %#[error]\ %#%f:%l:\ %m,%-Z\ %#[error]\ %p^,%-C\ %#[error]\ %m
set errorformat+=,%W\ %#[warn]\ %#%f:%l:\ %m,%-Z\ %#[warn]\ %p^,%-C\ %#[warn]\ %m
set errorformat+=,%-G%.%#
noremap <silent> <Leader>ff :cf /tmp/sbt.quickfix<CR>
noremap <silent> <Leader>fn :cn<CR>
" AXA related stuff "{{{
let g:scala_sort_across_groups=1
let g:scala_first_party_namespaces='\(\|axa\)'
set wildignore+=*/node_modules/*
set wildignore+=*/tomcat_runner/*
set wildignore+=*/jetty_runner/*
set wildignore+=*/thirdparties/*
"Learn Vim Script"{{{
:onoremap in( :<c-u>normal! f(vi(<cr>
":help omap-info
:onoremap ih :<c-u>execute "normal! ?^==\\+$\r:nohlsearch\rkvg_"<cr>
:onoremap ah :<c-u>execute "normal! ?^==\\+$\r:nohlsearch\rg_vk0"<cr>
":help normal
":help execute
":help expr-quote
" vim: set ft=vim fdm=marker fmr={{{,}}} fdl=0: