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Tiled format support without additional dependencies (like OpenFL).
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Tiled format support without additional dependencies (like OpenFL).


  • Currently library supports Tiled 1.1 When Tiled will get new features that you will need to utilize, please create an Issue (or better a PR ;) ). I do not watch Tiled development closely, but will provide library updates for new features.

Usage notes

  • 2.0 version got quite a few changes in order to bring Tiled 1.1 support.
  • Apart from breaking changes there Reader works a bit differently now, and you can use same reader to parse all maps, TSX and template files from single Reader instead of need to create new one each time.
  • You can set resolveTSX and resolveTypeTemplate functions to Reader for it to automatically apply TSX/type templates during parsing.
  • Current support for object templates is very basic, and not really tested.
  • Since Tiled 1.0 layers can be nested with Groups, and if you need to use classic non-nested layers use Tools.linearLayers. (Read docs first)


Library source code belongs to public domain with exception of assets used in test code.

  • test/assets taken from official Tiled sample folder, see their AUTHORS file for license info.
  • test/tile_flags/files tileset licensed under CC-BY 3.0 and belongs to Buch (See:
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