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A GitLab monitor bot for Discord
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OiYouYeahYou and datitisev Dockerise the bot
* Add `Dockerfile`
* Add the ability to disable some commands
* Disabled some commands by default in docker:
  * **exec** There isn't much to execute in a container
  * **update** A continer is ephermeral, updating code stored in it is
    liable to be reverted
  * **reload** I'm not sure this works in normal context.
  * **reboot** An application inside of a container simply does have
    the ability to reboot itself
  * **eval** Is a feature I don't want downstream
* Added condtional to `index` to prevent loading `Util/YappyGithub`
  being loaded. It is going to be more trouble than it's worth to
  implement it to work in a container
Latest commit 2f862ea Oct 28, 2019

Yappy, the GitLab Monitor

Monitor your GitLab repos by adding this bot to your server, set up a channel for it, and don't miss any events!

Online Users in Yappy's Discord Server


Join our Discord server at

Invite the bot at


Prefixes are GL! (with space), custom prefix set up, or mention the bot. Get more updated details of these commands at


  • help - a help command... yeah :P
  • invite - how to invite the bot and set up gitlab events!
  • clean - cleans the bot's messages found in the last 100 messages
  • ping - uh... ping? pong!
  • stats - shows the stats of the bot... what else?


  • issues search <query> [p#] - search issues by any field in the channel repo
  • issue <number> - gives info about that specific issue in the channel repo
  • mr list [p#] - list merge requests by any field in the channel repo
  • mr <number> - gives info about that specific merge request in the channel repo


  • conf [view] - views the channel's config
  • conf get <key> - gets a specific config key in the channel's config
  • conf set <key> [value] - sets the key to the value, repo's value may be none to disable
  • conf -g [view/set/get] [key] [value] - view/get/set global config (using -g)
  • init <repo> [private] - initialize repo events on channel
  • remove [repo] - remove repo events on channel

Developer Documentation

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