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Yarn Spinner

Narrative tools for game development.

Yarn Spinner helps you build branching narrative and dialogue in games. It's easy for writers to use, and has powerful features for integrating your content straight into your game.

Yarn Spinner is used in games ranging from Lost in Random, to Night in the Woods, A Short Hike, Dredge, Escape Academy, Baladins, Frog Detective 2 and 3, Button City, and Unbeatable.

Yarn Spinner is open source, and free to use.

Yarn Spinner is a project from Secret Lab and friends.


  1. YarnSpinner Public

    Yarn Spinner is a tool for building interactive dialogue in games!

    C# 1.8k 181

  2. The official Unity integration for Yarn Spinner, the friendly dialogue tool.

    C# 315 50

  3. The Visual Studio Code extension for Yarn Spinner.

    HTML 13 9

  4. The command line tool for working with Yarn Spinner.

    C# 11 6

  5. LanguageServer Public archive

    This is a tool to provide full editor support for Yarn Spinner.

    16 1

  6. YSDocs Public

    Source code to the documentation for Yarn Spinner.

    3 11


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