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Hackathon Winner. Web app to Netflix binge on video chat with friends -NYC Dev Week 2018
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Problem : We unwittingly commit huge time blocks within a week procastinating on infotainment, binging on netflix shows and cosuming youtube content.

Solution : Our solution: prcastinate, but procastinate as a group. Literally "Netflix and chill.” How?! Watch movies / Tv shows / procastinate with your best buddies on live video.

ScreenShot of Web App

Screen View

Stack : Hosted on IBM Cloud with JavaScript, HTML and Materialize CSS for web design and Wowza webrtc for the backend.

Challenges : Linking StreamLock SSL Certificate to Wowza Multimedia Player. Configuring Wowza Cloud from Microsoft Azure.

Iterations : Record reactions. Add a chat. Relay live sports.

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