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Mastering iOS development by completing 30+ apps in a short period of time.


Problem-Driven Projects

Split Uber

Overall 2nd place from 40+ teams part of the 12-week iOS bootcamp trained by lead teams in San Francisco. Built using Swift, Google Cloud, and Zeplin design.

  • Problem We frequently crave a premium travel experience offered by ride-sharing apps but we are going broke.

  • Solution Zave connects ride-share users to split Uber/Lyft at metro price by connecting local ride-shares with shared destinations.

  • Iteration Create an algorithm that finds the the midpoint meetup place between shared commuters. This way no rider feels like they are doing more "work" than the others.

Plan -> Prod

More on Zave

Find Cash

Overall top 10 from 550+ Capital One Software Engineering Interns competing in a hackathon during onboarding week. Built using Swift and Python(Flask), SQLite and Zeplin design.

  • Problem In a world of scale and a battle of margins, small cash businesses are taking the biggest hits with credit card minimums or ATM fees for customer withdrawals.

  • Solution Alamo connects to trade cash(providers) for Venmo(requesters) w/o any fees.

  • Iteration Increase reliability that both parties deliver by building a credit-score-like system.

Plan -> Prod

More on Alamo

Final Message

Demo-ed our app and presented to Facebook, Google, IBM, NYU judges and competed with 100+ team submissions. STACK: Swift, Google Cloud, Watson AI, Figma design.

  • Problem People want to leave a positive mark before they rest forever.

  • Solution A platform where people at risk-of-death can document and share their life stories to encourage, inspire, and uplift viewers.

  • Iteration Able to crowdsource money to rescue civilians and refugees in war zones.

Plan -> Prod

More on Uplift

Outfit Selector

Awarded private tour of Google HQ for best implementation of Google Cloud and most innovative/quirky hack from 40+ teams at Cooper Union hackathon. STACK: Swift, Google Firebase + AutoML, Sketch design.

  • Problem A good amount of time and stress happens over what to wear in the morning.

  • Solution App that preselect wardrobe outfits based on the weather days in advance.

  • Iteration Superimpose outfit on a photo of the user to get a mirror-like experience.

More on Forcast Fit

Carbon Footprint

  • Problem Depleting Earth's non-renewable resources have a serious foreseeable cost.

  • Solution Eternity displays user’s contribution in depleting Earth’s natural resources. Used Apple’s CoreML for grocery scan image recognition, Apple’s CoreLocation to calculate distance and speed of transportation and Google Firebase to store gas/electricity bills.

  • Iteration Gamify carbon score with others in proximity.

More on Eternity

Rent Parking

  • Problem A daily frustration of New York drivers is having difficulty finding parking spaces.

  • Solution HomeDrive connects drivers in need of parking spaces to homeowners willing to rent out their garage/driveway.

  • Iteration Geofence neighbor-net residences around firms to reserve parking for corporate employees.

More on HomeDrive


Feature-Driven Projects


  • Feature geofencing, overlays, pin-drop, notifications, protocols, optionals, mapkit, corelocations,

  • Stack swift 5, xcode 10.2

  • Takeaway

    • blue dot aka real time location not showing. Didn't add my NSexceptions to plist.
    • MKCircle is used for overlay
    • a subclass cannot override instabce variables BUT it can override methods 
    • fileprivate/internal vs private. the latter is more restricted within a scope not file
    • whenever you create an optional varaible proprty "?" than you have to unwarp it using if let or gaurd else
    • ternary conditional operator condition ? something : something else - numArry.sort {$0 > $1} //sorts in decending order
    •  return multiple parameteres
    • func nearestDealers(distances: [Int : CLLocation]) -> ( [CLLocation], Double)
    • CLLocation vs CLLocationCoordinate2D         - the former is a class, has varibles like the latter, has functions like .distance from, and can be init using lat long         - the latter is a struct, has a few methods including CLLocationCoordinate2dMake         - the former is smooves

for each w index + String format

for (index, element) in list.enumerated() {
print("Item \(index): \(element)")

let str = NSString(format:"%d , %f, %ld, %@", INT_VALUE, FLOAT_VALUE, LONG_VALUE, STRING_VALUE)

Exhaustive switch for enums

enum CompassPoint {
case north
case south
case east
case west

var directionToHead = CompassPoint.west

directionToHead = .south
switch directionToHead {
case .north:
print("Lots of planets have a north")
case .south:
print("Watch out for penguins")
case .east:
print("Where the sun rises")
case .west:
print("Where the skies are blue")
// Prints "Watch out for penguins"

Init an enum custom class

enum Suit: String {
case hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs

static func allValues() -> [Suit]{
return [.clubs, .diamonds, .hearts, .spades]

//inside custom class/struct
let suit: Suit, value: Value

init(suit: Suit, value: Value) {
self.suit = suit
self.value = value

Create Dummy model class extensions

//some dummy geofences
extension Geofence{
static let geo1 = Geofence(center: CLLocationCoordinate2DMake( 37.08302, 76.16999), radius: 10000, identifier: "geo1")

static let geo2 = Geofence(center: CLLocationCoordinate2DMake( -57.58808, 49.91300), radius: 10000, identifier: "geo2")

static let geo3 = Geofence(center: CLLocationCoordinate2DMake( -16.84364, -16.84364), radius: 10000, identifier: "geo3")

static let geo4  = Geofence(center: CLLocationCoordinate2DMake( -11.25000, -13.94586), radius: 10000, identifier: "geo4")

Rounding double swift

    let num: Double = 4.5

    num.rounded() // returns 5. normal rounding


    ceil(num) //round up
    Int(num) //round down implicit

Getter and setter for computed property

protocol FullyNamed {
var fullName: String { get }
struct Detective: FullyNamed {
fileprivate var name: String
var fullName: String {
get {
return name
set {
name = newValue
var Payne = Detective(name: "Payne")
print(Payne.fullName) // returns "Payne"
Payne.fullName = "Max Payne"
print(Payne.fullName) // returns "Max Payne"

All the code for real time location

import UIKit
import MapKit
import CoreLocation

internal class GeoFencesViewController : UIViewController {

@IBOutlet weak internal var mapView: MKMapView!

internal let locationManager: CLLocationManager

override internal func viewDidLoad()

@IBAction internal func addRegionLongGesture(_ sender: Any)

extension GeoFencesViewController : CLLocationManagerDelegate {

internal func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation])

Mapkit search, MKannotations

  • Feature userlocation, maps, search api, present, connect other app

  • Stack xcode 10.2, swift 5, apple map api

  • Takeaway

  • when copying delgate methods from tutorial, sometimes the code is legacy. just try running a simmialr medthod signiture

Span wave effect user location

func locationManager(manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation]) {
if let location = locations.first {
let span = MKCoordinateSpan(latitudeDelta: 0.05, longitudeDelta: 0.05)
let region = MKCoordinateRegion(center: location.coordinate, span: span)
myMapView.setRegion(region, animated: true)

SEt up search bar w TVC

//global variable
var resultSearchController:UISearchController? = nil

override func videdidload {setupsearchbar()}

func setUpSearchBar(){
let locationSearchTable = storyboard!.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "LocationSearchTable") as! LocationSearchTable
resultSearchController = UISearchController(searchResultsController: locationSearchTable)
resultSearchController?.searchResultsUpdater = locationSearchTable as? UISearchResultsUpdating

let searchBar = resultSearchController!.searchBar
searchBar.placeholder = "Search for places"
navigationItem.titleView = resultSearchController?.searchBar

resultSearchController?.hidesNavigationBarDuringPresentation = false
resultSearchController?.dimsBackgroundDuringPresentation = true
definesPresentationContext = true

//create a tvc class and view add this
extension LocationSearchTable : UISearchResultsUpdating {
func updateSearchResults(for searchController: UISearchController) {


Search apple map API

extension LocationSearchTable : UISearchResultsUpdating {
func updateSearchResults(for searchController: UISearchController) {
guard let mapView = mapView,
let searchBarText = searchController.searchBar.text else { return }

let request = MKLocalSearch.Request() //enter search
request.naturalLanguageQuery = searchBarText
request.region = mapView.region

let search = MKLocalSearch(request: request) //APPLE API
search.start { response, _ in
guard let response = response else {
self.matchingItems = response.mapItems

Walkthrough Walkthrough


  • Feature blue dot, oop

  • Stack swift5, xcode10.2

  • Takeaway

  • rename ib outlet once ib outlet is connected, to rename var, first disconnect the ib outlet from the inspector, then rename the iboutlett in the class file, then reconnect via hover.

  • mapView.showsUserLocation = true one liner for blue dot on simulator

  • LocationManager.startUpdatingLocation() one linner for blue dot on phone

  • a mapkit annotation is like the rain drop. looks dope on map.

  • startUpdaint call to dlegate is the same as didUpdate? gotta find out


  • Feature corelocation geofencing

  • Stack swift 5, xcode10.2

  • Takeaway     - theres a method for a change in location prefernces. sean allen -beard guy- does it really well     - <+37.62919127,-122.43325339> a real-time coordinate is fiven by lat long with upto 8 places after deciaml     - locationManager.distanceFilter = 100 prevents constant update. save battery life

code for current location

//import corelocation have corelocation delegate subclass

let locationManager = CLLocationManager()//constructor

locationManager.delegate = self
locationManager.requestAlwaysAuthorization() //we can ask this later
locationManager.distanceFilter = 100 //updates location once that distance is reached saves batterty life

func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation]) {
for currentLocation in locations{ //current coordinate in freeway drive
print("\(index): \(currentLocation)") // "0: [locations]

add mapkit for blue dot on map

to create a geofence

//we need the corelocation code from above

//creates geofence
let geoFenceRegion: CLCircularRegion = CLCircularRegion(center: CLLocationCoordinate2DMake(43.61871, -116.214607), radius: 100, identifier: "boise")

locationManager.startMonitoring(for: geoFenceRegion)

func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didEnterRegion region: CLRegion) {

func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didExitRegion region: CLRegion) {

//other possible features to add are overlays, notifications and alerts etc.

   Done Prior Walkthrough


  • Feature real time location, geofencing, notifications

  • Stack swift 5, xcode 10.2

  • Takeaway     - a shortcut to .plist search shown by location pop up. Instead of searching the .plist file, run the ap. in the debug console the app required key for the .plist file(which is a preety v of XML) will show. Cp and turn up.

user location

  • Feature p1: user location and update

  • Stack swift 5, 10.2 xcode

  • Takeaway     - Blue dot isnt showing even when  "mapView.showsUserLocation = true". This might be control flow, I feel its a one time xcode setting thing


  • Features auto-layout fundamentals, enums, oop, dictionary, tags, protocols

  • Stack swift 3 boiler --> swift 4 (build settings)

  • Takeaways   - cp ~/desktop/ ~/documnets copies java file   - Enum.possibity.raw value gives the value of = type   - convrted Enum.(class varaible).rawValue using switch statement variable flow.   - didSelect() is next steps for selected tableRow   - METHOD 1: call performSegue() and define prepare(for segue...) later. Segues have to be created first.   - METHOD 2: name identifiers for storyboard, vc this is prolly the move for large projects. call proceed() and dismiss()   - to copy vc find the title on the left list and then cmd + c   - UI: Storyboards > Scenes > VC   - swift protocols are like interfaces in Java

 ```swift  override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {  print("begin")  //TODO: pass the sender to the destination view controller  if segue.identifier == "showDetailCardJQKSegueID" {  let vc = segue.destination as! DetailCardJQKViewController  vc.cardRef = sender as! Card  print("case 1")  }  else if  segue.identifier == "showDetailCard8SegueID" {  let vc = segue.destination as! DetailCard8ViewController  vc.cardRef = sender as! Card  print("dhhu")  }





  • Feature switch images on same Imageview using dictionaries

  • Stack swift 5. xcode 10.2

  • Takeaway there is a way of accesing an IB colelction w/o literally looking it up in the order it was put in. At first I thought of a for loop to search for the tags in the entire collection but creating a dictionary from tag to image is most effieciant. I don't wanna spell.


tip calculator 2.0

  • Feature use enums, classes and oop fundamentals

  • Stack xcode 10.14 swift 4

  • Takeaway oop done right saves a lot of code


Tip Calculator

  • Feature Swift Classes. UIKIT. Great design w no assets.

  • Stack Xcode 10.2. Swift 5.

  • Takeaway Stronger Fundamentals of Swift classes.




Table Views

Need     1. View controller file with extensions of delegate and datasource     2. custom cell file     3. custom object file


@IBOutlet weak var tableView: UITableView!
var videos : [Video] = []

override func viewDidLoad() {
videos = createArray()
tableView.delegate = self
tableView.dataSource = self

func createArray() -> [Video]{
var temp: [Video] = []
temp.append(Video(title: "First car", image: UIImage(named: "audi.jpg") ?? UIImage()))
temp.append(Video(title: "second car", image: UIImage(named: "audi.jpg") ?? UIImage()))
temp.append(Video(title: "third car", image: UIImage(named: "audi.jpg") ?? UIImage()))
return temp

extension VideoViewController: UITableViewDelegate, UITableViewDataSource {
func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, numberOfRowsInSection section: Int) -> Int {
return videos.count

func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell {
let video = videos[indexPath.row]

let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier: "VideoCell") as! VideoTableViewCell

cell.setVideo(video: video)

return cell

func numberOfSections(in tableView: UITableView) -> Int {
return 1

Custom cell

class VideoTableViewCell: UITableViewCell {

@IBOutlet weak var videoImage: UIImageView!
@IBOutlet weak var videoTitle: UILabel!

func setVideo(video: Video){
videoImage.image = video.image
videoTitle.text = video.title

Custom Object

class Video {

var image: UIImage
var title: String

init(title: String, image: UIImage) {
self.title = title
self.image = image




-  when pushing this might pop up "git push --set-upstream origin feature/setup" copy and paste. no harm


  • git branch -a to check the branch your on (will be green)  and all other branches
  • git branch -b ____ creates new branch called ____
  • branch naming convention :" feature/_" where __ is the view working on


  • currently in working branch
  • git status
  • git commit, push if git status is not upto date
  • git pull
  • git checkout master (move in to master)
  • git pull
  • git status (things should be upto date. if not delete proj and git clone before the rest)
  • git merge ___
  • git add, commit, push
  • On github online goto repo. > insights > network > shoudl see this (master is always straight line)
  • this
  • LASTLY git branch -d ___ (deletes branch)
  • we don't have to "add, commit, push" so much. BUT xcode is something else. safe than sorry

Local to Global first-time setup

  • git config --list (checks current git account)
  • git config -- global " "
  • git config -- global " "
  • some others pre-reqs: SSH for alternate to https and GPG keys for verified git commits
  • git init
  • echo "#repo-name" >
  • git commit -am" "
  • create the git repo online WITHOUT a README. Then copy the code from the section that reads: "...or push an existing repository from the command line"
  • git push (-u origin master)

Add Table View Row

  • Feature add a custom table view row from a different segue

  • Stack xcode 10.2 swift 5

  • Takeaway

    • uibutton > attributes inspctor > system item > deault buttons

send data from add table VC

// this action is linked to a button on diff VC
// click on the button + cntrol and fimd the 3rd thing next to yellow moon AKA EXIT

@IBAction func done(segue:UIStoryboardSegue) {
let carDetailVC = segue.source as! CarDetailViewController
newCar = carDetailVC.carTestField.text ?? "lmfr"



Quick Chat

  • Feature Real-time messaging app.

  • Stack Swift 4.2 and Google Firebase Auth.

  • Takeaway Chat logs can be stored w/o creating a real-time database.

Walkthrough Walkthrough Walkthrough

Visit Project


  • error: SWIFT_VERSION '5.0' is unsupported, supported versions are: 3.0, 4.0, 4.2._
    • Fix : .xcw workspace > blue pod/proj file > build settings > swift lang > change to 4.2 or desirable
  • error: Multiple commands produce_
    • Fix : Open target > Build phases > Copy Bundle Resources and remove info.plist from there.


.gitignore .gitattributes

Branch + Merge

  • Create Branch: "git checkout ____" creates subbranch from current head
  • I am calling the sub-branch's origin branch parent. It could be called master, feature/..., releases, etc
  • Parent branches shouldn't be tweaked while work is being done in subbranch
  • Merge Branch: "git checkout" to parent branch. And then "git Merge" with the branch you currently working on. This merges the working branch with the parent branch. Afterwards checkout to working branch and merge with parent. The order is important.
  • In the network graphics, working branches should be ahead of main branch before any merging. After merging, all tags should align with parent branch being a straight line all along branching process.
  • In between each stage of merge/checkouts make sure to git pull.
  • Also, do the merges from child's editor's computer for iOS projects. This gives us an option to 86 that branch without having to redo the project if there are any serious .plist / pod / XML merge conflicts.

Local to Global first-time setup

  • git config --list (checks current git account)
  • git config -- global " "
  • git config -- global " "
  • some others pre-reqs: SSH for alternate to https and GPG keys for verified git commits
  • git init
  • echo "#repo-name" >
  • git commit -am" "
  • create the git repo online WITHOUT a README. Then copy the code from the section that reads: "...or push an existing repository from the command line"
  • git push (-u origin master)


© 2018 Yasin Ehsan Licensed under the Apache License.


iOS app portfolio.







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