A script for windows 10 with purpose of tweaking your windows install by removing stuff like windows apps _ Cortana _ Edge, you can also tweak the personalization settings that are hidden and almost everything have a restore option
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So, by now we all know Windows 10 and all the new things are nice and some are useless - but there is no way remove them and stop them from using our resources. So here where Toggle Tweaker comes in. Using this tool you can remove stuff like windows apps _ Cortana _ Edge and almost everything have a restore option!


After Downloading this batch file you run it and then :

  • Click on the Title Bar and then click Properties
  • Disable QuickEdit Mode
  • (For better UX)in the Font tab Put the font to 'Consolas' and the size to '16' or whatever looks good on your screen


  • You should know that in the search the numbers shown are the buttons numbers that you should click from teh Main menu to get to that option

    For exemple If you have this line in the output and it's the option you are looking for Remove/restore Windows built-in apps from Users : 2=>1 You go back to the main Page click on Button Number 2 and then number 1

  • Some parts of the code are somewhat still slow (Like PC Performance Section _ What an irony) So if you can get to that part and you have a better idea on how to do that thing or a ready2use code i will be happy to go through your feedback

  • The Batch script runs automatically as admin

  • The Batch script automatically check for updates at start *Sometimes Upload sites block my accounts due to high traffic in free accounts. if that doesn't work you can't access this script so you need to add this code to line 93 : GOTO MainMenu


Just wanted to note that I didn't write all these code myself, some options are using other scripts or tools either downloading them or writing and using them So Thanks to the people who created those.