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Simple Hacking tools
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if the app is not working proberly , Download this archive and extract the dll files , put them in application folder , beside the executable file

This file contains only some notes:

  • This tool is meant primarily for bug hunnters (specially beginers).
  • This tool is not backdoored with any malicious software/tracking .
  • This tool contains bugs more than features so use it carefully.
  • Connections are issued using the .Net (SystemDotWeb) which is slow and limited by design , consider using many threads, this will be replaced with another solution.
  • Memory is not carefully managed so be carefull , do not use all the tools at the same time.
  • Do not use it illegally
  • Tools starting with _ are not built yet , i added buttons to remmember writing them so i could build them in future, hence no need to reverse engineer the tool in order to enable them , if you have time feel free to do it no problem.
  • Many third-parties are used without permitssion no APIS used.
  • The source code is not published because the tool is a beta and the code is uggly and worse than my hand writing.
  • Project is planned to be open-source with the first release.
  • Suggestions are deeply welcome.
  • Credits are reserved for all authors and third-parties.


  • Make/Listen to HTTP Requests
  • Get DNS Records
  • GET Subdomains
  • Get ScreenShots
  • Analyze Files
  • Resolve Hosts
  • Reverse IPs
  • Information Gathering
  • TCP client/Server
  • Port scanner
  • Detect Misconfiguration
  • Port scanning
  • Text Processing
  • Analyze HTTP Response

Tools discussed separately here


[Subscrabber] [Hpinger]

#Virus Scan result

"Lazy men write no documentation"

Jack sparrow

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