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subdomain take over detector and crawler


	    python    -i list.txt  -o output.txt       -s phpinfo.php	-x 4
                                             <optional>           <optional>   <optional>
	    -i      input  files                  twitterdomains.txt    #if many separate by comma
	    -o      output file                   twitterResult.txt
	    -p      protocol                      http or https
	    -s      suffix                        phpinfo.php           #used to look for ceratin files (CTF mode)
	    -t      Set time out for requests     5                     #in seconds
	    -x      starting index                1:                    #if script stopped , you can resume it with this.
	    -X      To use proxy                  #prompt
	    -R      Follow redirects
	    -H      For Host injection Testing
	    -O      For open redirect  Testing
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