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This repository will not be maintained in the future as the development environment 
is moved to Android Studio. You should find the other repository 
"YasuakiHonda/Maxima-on-Android-AS" which will be used for the future development of 
Maxima on Android.

Source code distribution of Maxima on Android
written by Yasuaki Honda (

Copyright 2012 Yasuaki Honda, Chiba, Japan

How to compile Maxima on Android

Here is a list what you need to compile Maxima on Android.
- Eclipse IDE (3.7 and 4.2 are tested).
- Java SE Runtime Environment 1.6 (On Linux, Open JDK seems OK and Sun SDK is troublesome...)
- Android Development Tools 21.0 (from Eclipse menu "Install New Software ...")
- Android SDK (from Eclipse Android SDK Manager)

Here goes the step by step instructions on how to do that:

1. Slightly above here in this page, there is "ZIP" button. Using this, you can download
the entire repository as a zip archive on your PC. 

2. Open the zip archive and extract MaximaOnAndroid folder. Place it in your home directory.

3. Start the Eclipse.

4. Use File->Import menu in Eclipse to import MaximaOnAndroid folder.

5. Build the project. This may be done automatically depending on your settings of Eclipse.
If you encounter errors related to @Override annotation, please set the Java compiler 
compliance level to 1.6 (or higher). To do so, right-click the project name in the package
explorer and choose Properties menu, then choose Java Compiler.

6. Run the project. Before doing so, you should create a Android device (API level 8 or later).


Development Environment of mine:
Eclipse Juno Service Release 1, running on Mac OS X 10.7.4.

About the author
Yasuaki Honda, living in Chiba, Japan, the maintainer of imaxima, and also a contirbuter
to the Maxima project.


Maxima, the descendant of Macsyma computer algebra system (CAS), ported to Android



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