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appengine plugin for simple-build-tool 0.7.x

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Dev server won't launch on os x after installing jvm update 24
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yasushi abe authored May 15, 2011
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Octocat-spinner-32 src overrides jar seems to fix dev server breakage caused by apple jvm up… May 14, 2011
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export environment variables

export APPENGINE_SDK_HOME=~/appengine-java-sdk-1.4.0
export JREBEL_JAR_PATH=~/jrebel/jrebel.jar

Create project/plugins/Plugins.scala

import sbt._

class Plugins(info: ProjectInfo) extends PluginDefinition(info) {
  val appenginePlugin = "net.stbbs.yasushi" % "sbt-appengine-plugin" % "2.2"

Hello World example

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