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Gifteng ♡ Unique Social Community of Collaborative Consumption


Unique Social Community of Collaborative Consumption & Gift Economy ♡

“Gifteng is the Pinterest of the gift economy”


Gifteng is a social community where you can give and receive things you love, for free. The system is a combination of a social network and online marketplace.

  • A complex marketplace on a robust back-end, in the cloud, built on Java.
  • A turnkey front-end built with AngularJS (RESTful APIs) and Bootstrap 3.

☛ watching the Gifteng video (with audio) will give you a better idea Gifteng

It’s a Social Network

  1. Complete user management, including authentication, verification and various social network authentication options (log-in with Facebook, Twitter, Google).
  2. User profiles and settings
  3. Comments system and advanced messaging

It’s a Marketplace

  1. Pinterest-style product listing
  2. Various product-browsing layouts
  3. Detailed views
  4. Intuitive, grandma-proof posting
  5. Favorites, my products, ... all turnkey

It’s a New Thing

  • Social Network + Marketplace + Ad Channel + Unusually High Conversions
  • Giveaways, Online yard sale, Social Reputation + Verification for more secure transactions

It’s Much More

  • Powerful invitation system
  • Built-in bug-reporting (priceless feedback)
  • Intuitive (no login needed) posting for higher conversions
  • All the bells and whistles for best SEO results e.g. responsive, mobile ready, tap-friendly, small footprint, lightning fast,…
  • Two years of exciting progress and a whole bag of positive Karma
  • And a lot more…

It’s a powerful and new advertising channel

The problem with some advertising channels is the noise, they are getting less and less efficient. Ask me about how and why this new method shows unprecedented numbers for customer retention, effectiveness and why the conversion rates are close to 20% versus the usual 2% to 5%.

It’s new, classy, different and welcoming

We designed the site for nearly six months using Google’s AB testing. Surprisingly, the first design proved itself to be the most efficient. We hired a great designer and made it as clean as possible.

What else?

  • Nearly finished Android App (the app was built separately based on our API), not sure about this, two years is two years..
  • Plugin for WordPress for product showcase delegation, needs some facelift
  • shortUrl (

What's next?

We don't know, ... Krasi is back and will take care of the most urgent modifications such as implementing a basic client-side encryption and HTTPS support so you don't have to start with building your own security (this is something we highly recommend though).

We have been working on Gifteng for over two years, received tremendous support from New Yorkers and from people from all over the world. We are grateful but our superpowers are weakening fast.

Maybe you have an idea ... !(?) :-)

(In)Press: TreeHugger, CrunchBase, SocialTimes, Broke-Ass Stuart, New Startups, StartUpBeat. Give. Receive. Inspire.

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