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Persian faker package for laravel
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Persian Faker

Persian faker package for laravel . This package is created for testing your project with fake data not for create spam. please do not use it to create spam. New options are comming soon. Enjoy it, thanks.


Step 1

get install package with composer

composer require ybazli/faker

Step 2

Next add this line in your 'config/app.php' in the providers array:


Step 3

Next add this line in your 'config/app.php' in the aliases array:

'Faker' => Ybazli\Faker\Facades\Faker::class,

Done :)

Code Description
Faker::firstName() Return a random firstname
Faker::lastName() Return a random lastname
Faker::fullName() Return a random fullname
Faker::company() Return a random company name
Faker::mobile() Return a random mobile number
Faker::telephone() Return a random telephone number
Faker::email() Return a random email address
Faker::domain() Return a random domain like:
Faker::age($min,$max) Return a random you can use $min and $max but thery are nullable
Faker::birthday($sign) Return a random birthday date use $sign for replace '/' between year/mounth/day
Faker::address() Return a random postal address
Faker::city() Return a random city of iran name
Faker::state() Return a random state of iran name
Faker::melliCode() Return a random 10 integer
Faker::word() Return a random word
Faker::sentence() Return a random sentence
Faker::paragraph() Return a random paragraph


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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