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  • [Hotfix] Fixed issue where YouTube Center didn't work on Safari.


  • Added 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • Added option to show FPS in the video thumbnail.
  • Added keywords to the bottom of the description.
  • Added possible FPS values to the bottom of the description.
  • Added a load comments button if the comments have been disabled.
  • Added a autoplay button to the automatically created playlist.
  • Added new player listener API to YouTube Center's framework.
  • [HTML5 Player] Added fullscreen playlist button to the player when going into Fullscreen top player mode.
  • Changed debug log upload site from pastebin to gist.
  • Fixed issue where the quality on video thumbnails would show error.
  • Fixed player size.
  • Fixed issue where /user wasn't being handled as a channel.
  • Fixed grid view layout.
  • Fixed issue where {author} isn't representing the correct author.
  • Fixed the Mark as watched not appearing.
  • Fixed switch to tab feature, but the options are more limited than before.
  • Fixed issue where the playing videos would be paused when the video you started would be auto paused.
  • Fixed layout issue with Chromecast.
  • Fixed layout issue.
  • Fixed issue where the rating bar would be below the YouTube Center buttons.
  • [Firefox Aurora] Fixed issue where the settings weren't retained.
  • [Chrome] Fixed incorrect appid due to new certificate.
  • [Firefox] Fixed issue where lights off feature wouldn't darken the header.
  • Fixed compatibility for SPF due to updates.
  • Redesigned the placement system completely to fix it.
  • Fixed minor issue with the settings category links.
  • [Maxthon] Fixed issue where it wouldn't check for updates.
  • [Chrome Webstore] Will try to get YouTube Center up on the webstore again.


  • Added compatibility support for SPF.
  • Added option to remove the playlist video links in the channels.
  • Switched to using Crowdin for translations.
  • Fixed bug where YouTube Center wouldn't work if the selected language didn't exist.
  • Fixed compatibility bug with recent changes by YouTube.
  • [Chrome Webstore] Fixed issue where the load and save methods where not updated for this version.
  • [Chrome Webstore] Fixed encoding for the translations.

v2.1.4 Chrome enhancement

  • [Chrome] Enhanced the load and save methods.

v2.1.3 Hotfix

  • Removed and used another website to check for versions.

v2.1.2 Hotfix

  • Added new logo.
  • Fixed signature decipher.


  • Added option to change the color of the like/dislike button.
  • Added retro theater background.
  • Added option to load the comment author's country flag by clicking on a button where the country flag will be placed.
  • Added custom buffer to change how much of the video that is allowed to be stored in your memory.
  • Added support for YouTube's new stage modes, which is a YouTube feature where the player size is changed according to your screen size.
  • Added option to change if a playlist should auto-play.
  • [Chrome with DASH playback] Added a player glow feature.
  • Added new player type named 'Aggressive flash', which will aggressively try to prevent the HTML5 player to be chosen.
  • Added to the MP3 services.
  • [Firefox extension] Added support for Seamonkey.
  • Added 5:4 ratio to the player size aspect ratios.
  • Added default option to the auto hide bar feature.
  • Added touch support to some elements in the settings.
  • Enhanced the auto hide detecting for the default option.
  • Enhanced the YouTube Center advertisement filter.
  • Enhanced the loading of the next animation frame to occur before needed.
  • Enhanced the tab communication to reduce CPU usage. Bigger delay might occur.
  • Enhanced YouTube Center's cross platform performance.
  • Updated Libya flag to the correct one.
  • Fixed player size.
  • Fixed static header.
  • Fixed flex width.
  • Fixed the signature decipher for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Fixed no buttons appearing on the new experimental YouTube layout.
  • [Firefox] Fixed YouTube Center not working on FF 32+.
  • Fixed UI issue.
  • Fixed the 'fill' (100% width, 100% height) player size not being correctly set.
  • Fixed issue with the player moving to the left.
  • [Firefox extension] Minimized the memory leak (I recorded about 20-40 MB memory leak for every tab).
  • Fixed fullscreen top feature not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with saving YouTube Center settings in a cookie.
  • Fixed issue with grid view.
  • Fixed issue with the YouTube Center buttons not being placed correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the auto hide bar being set to default the player's size would be incorrect.
  • Fixed rare infinite loop issue by forcing the flash player on some videos.
  • Fixed annotations position on the HTML5 player.
  • Fixed an auto play issue.
  • [Safari] Fixed cross origin xmlhttpRequest not working correctly.
  • Fixed the scroll to player button.
  • Fixed auto resolution.
  • [Android] Fixed issue with the colorpicker not working on Android.


  • Added option to have a gridview for the collections too (related to the Grid subscriptions option).
  • Added option to change the URL of the YouTube logo.
  • Added option to hide the text of the repeat button.
  • Added YouTube Experimental tab to the debug category. In that tab it is possible to select the available YouTube layouts.
  • Added prefix and suffix to range elements in the settings.
  • Added option to choose to only view the highest quality for either DASH or non-DASH formats in the Video Thumbnail.
  • Added a save notification in the settings. It is located in the right bottom corner.
  • Added an option to add a darker background behind the player.
  • Added an option to change the height of the rating bar for both the video thumbnail and the one below the player.
  • Added a lazy load option for the country flags. So it will only load the country data when it's needed and not everything all at once.
  • Added Antarctica flag. Note that Antarctica don't have an official flag. So the flag that is used is The Graham Bartram design.
  • Added color presets to the color picker.
  • Added option to change the color of the rating bar.
  • Added core functionality for subtitle download.
  • Added core functionality for comment filtering.
  • Added a warning when the Click through option is enabled and the opacity of the overlay is 90% or over.
  • Added the ability to scroll up to exit the Fullscreen Top Player.
  • Added an option to enter the Fullscreen Top Player when a video has been started.
  • Added an option to exit the Fullscreen Top Player when a video has been paused.
  • Added an option to exit the Fullscreen Top Player when a video has ended.
  • Added an option to prevent the player from switching to the Share tab when the video has been liked. This includes setting it to switch to another tab.
  • Tweaked the quality selector to have two separate methods for the HTML5 player and the flash player, because they each use different methods.
  • Tweaked the filename tags to have the prefix 0 for numbers from 0 to 9.
  • Tweaked the ads removal a little.
  • Tweaked the Fullscreen Top Player feature to better detect scrolls. This fixed the issue with smooth scroll including when the mode is activated it will not show a scrollbar.
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work as intended in Scriptish (Scriptish is not recommended, use the add-on or Greasemonkey).
  • Fixed removal of the endscreen.
  • Fixed the HTML5 player where the video wouldn't fill the whole player.
  • Fixed the comments.
  • Fixed the SPF
  • Fixed an issue with the new experimental layout.
  • Fixed the error message appearing on the video thumbnails.
  • Fixed YouTube embedded videos compatibility.
  • [Chrome Extension] Added an option button, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.
  • [Firefox Extension] Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work when the cookies has been disabled.
  • [Firefox Extension] The Firefox extension is now restartless.
  • [Firefox Extension] Added translators to the install.rdf file.
  • [Firefox Extension] Added an option button in the add-ons page, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.

v2.0.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed embedded videos being black.
  • Fixed Chrome extension for older versions of Chrome.
  • Fixed live streams not working.
  • Fixed auto language detection of Japanese (jp->ja).
  • Fixed some options in the settings, which didn't update the rest of the page.
  • Fixed "Watched Videos". It will now only show videos as watched if it's enabled.
  • Fixed title modifications not working correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed infinite loop when watching a live stream with the player set to HTML5 (HTML5 is not supported for live streams).
  • Updated translations.


  • All settings are reset. So that means that you have to reconfigure them.
  • New settings.
  • Settings are now synced between tabs.
  • Only one instance of the player playing, where it will pause the other videos.
  • Option to remove the play icon in the title.
  • Remove Endscreen option will now work for HTML5 player.
  • Enhanced the Placement: Move Elements option to display the border of the drop zone.
  • Added animated thumbnails, which can be configred in the Video Thumbnail tab in the Settings.
  • Added ability to force the player to be either the HTML5 player or Flash player.
  • Added Prevent Tab Auto-Play/Prevent Tab Auto-Buffer/Prevent Tab Playlist Auto-Play/Prevent Tab Playlist Auto-Buffering.
  • Added HTML5 feature, download, which will force the filename for the downloaded videos/audio to be what is specified in the settings.
  • Added option to remove the Ticker. It's the blue bar, which appears at the top of the page at times.
  • Added option to click through the lights off layer. Please note that this option may not work on all browser (
  • Added image on welcome dialog for the experimental topbar layout.
  • Always Hide The Guide is now fixed and therefore will not hide the guide when not on the watch page (video page).
  • Added callback for saveSettings (used when resetting the settings).
  • Safari uses new method to store its settings.
  • New Firefox addon, which will work on future versions of Firefox (v24+). This will mean that the settings needs to be reconfigured.
  • The Chrome extension now stores its settings in a different way, which allows for the settings to be shared accross domains/protocols. This means that the settings needs to be reconfigured.
  • Corrected domain change for an external MP3 service.
  • Update Checker will not work if you're using an addon, which has been uploaded to or
  • Fixed bug where the player was not aligned correctly when the center page option was disabled or/and the resize was disabled.
  • Fixed Like/Dislike button disappearing when moving buttons.
  • Fixed the player at rare times will just become not aligned.
  • Fixed SPF. It will now completely disable SPF.
  • Fixed bug where the welcome screen appears in the embed videos.
  • Fixed incompatibility issue with some scripts which removed the welcome screen and therefore watching videos became impossible.
  • More bugs fixed...


  • Added welcome dialog when you first install YouTube Center.
  • Added option to use an experimental settings dialog (enabled by default).
  • Fixed SPF.
  • Fixed prevent auto play bug when advertisements are shown in the video.
  • Fixed YouTube Center not working in IE.
  • Fixed more bugs...
  • Began working on a new Firefox addon, which should work on the beta version of Firefox (24+).


  • Watched videos feature will now only work in feeds (and nowhere else).
  • Added option to add/remove videos from/to watched videos (only possible in subscriptions page using YouTube Center's grid atm).
  • Fixed comment flags not showing in older versions of Opera (why do you not support MutationObservers?!).
  • Fixed YouTube Center buttons not appearing when you visit a video for the first time.
  • Fixed storage bug. It will now save the settings correctly again.
  • Fixed bugs...


  • Changes!!!! Note: ! means the that a feature has been added, like watched videos and grid subscription page.


  • Fixed bug with YouTube's new changes.
  • Added option to move and set visibility of watch later button and the timecode.
  • Added option to move the comment flag before and after the username, or add it after the date.
  • Fixed bugs.


  • Added Import/Export Settings.
  • Added Video Thumbnail.
  • Added flags to comments.
  • Added a link to the Wiki, Github and AMO ( in the about tab. It will be listed as sites.
  • YouTube Center will warn the user if they are using the userscript version of YouTube Center natively in Chrome.
  • Added feature to disable YouTube's new annoying share tab feature.
  • Added warning when using the userscript version of YouTube Center natively in Chrome.
  • Added update links to be targeted to the version of YouTube Center you've installed.
  • Added option to set the experimental topbar to be static instead of fixed.
  • Added Dash audio format in the download menu (In browsers other than Chrome you need to right click and click on save as to save the audio).
  • Reworked the resize feature. It will now work as it did before the recent YouTube changes.
  • Resize feature will now set the content width to 985px instead of 945px. This means that you will have to set the width of the player size "Fit to Content" to 985px instead of 945px.
  • YouTube Center will now wait 500 ms before saving your settings whenever a change has occured. This is to lower the amount of times it will save your settings.
  • Changed some of the default settings.
  • Fixed the "Show Icon" in the repeat tab always showing the repeat icon.
  • Fixed bug if you clear your browsers cookies and HTML5 storage.
  • Fixed SPF.
  • Fixed prevent auto play/buffering.
  • Fixed the scroll to player for the experimental topbar.
  • Fixed channels and embeds. They should now work again. Bugs might still be present.
  • [YouTube Experimental Layout] Added option in the General tab to set the top bar to be static.
  • [Opera <15] YouTube Center will now use the Opera API to store its settings.
  • [Firefox Extension] YouTube Center will now store its settings in your profile.
  • [Firefox Extension] Works now in private window.
  • [Firefox Extension] Will only execute YouTube Center on the domain.
  • [YouTube Experimental Layout] Fixed playlist still being clickable when it's not visible.


  • Added option to use the old buffering (enabled on default). The buffering YouTube are using as default is named "Dash Playback" in YouTube Center.
  • Fixed playlist visual bug.
  • Fixed bug with switching to new YouTube experimental design where it doesn't refresh to apply different styles.


  • Fixed bug with the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug where the player doesn't get centered.
  • YouTube Center now works with the new experimental YouTube layout (
  • Fixed download for some videos.
  • Some other fixes.


  • Fixed the SPF (YouTube's new feature which adds a red loading bar at the top when going to a new video).
  • Fixed bug where some videos couldn't be downloaded (YouTube Center now detects the decrypting key to decrypt the signature).
  • Guide on channels now completely fixed.
  • Added option to add the flex width to search, front page and feed pages.
  • Fixed dropdown menu graphical issue.
  • Hopefully fixes the video staying frozen at the first frame while the sound continues playing for a few users.

v1.32.1 Hotfix

  • Fixes the guide on some channel pages.


  • Added fixes from community patch (
  • Added compatibility to the new YouTube loading (SPF) feature (probably only temporary).
  • Tweaked embed injection, which will probably make it work better.
  • Added option to disable embed.
  • Fixed "lights off" coverings the player.
  • Fixed can't download VEVO videos (it's probably only a temporary fix).
  • Added a colorpicker. So now normal users can choose a background color for the "lights off" feature.
  • Set the subtext font size to 11px for the resize dropdown menu button.
  • Fixed a graphical bug with centering the player.
  • Fixed YouTube Center not taking control of player when flash is disabled and YouTube switches to HTML5.
  • Fixed saving settings not working for some.


  • Added Catalan translation by Joan Alemany & Raül Cambeiro.
  • Fixed playlist bug for Chrome.


  • Added the default player size option, again.
  • Added the scroll to player button, again.
  • Fixed old channel background width.
  • Fixed sidebar being under the player when it's a playlist for Firefox.
  • Fixed YouTube Center not remembering the last player size you were on (small resize button and large resize button).
  • Fixed placement system.
  • Fixed resize button not being able to disable.
  • Detecting of crypted signature and then decrypting it for downloading of YouTube videos.
  • A few other bugs fixed, but there are still a few bugs which are not fixed yet.


  • Revamped the player resize system. ** Set the small resize button to a custom size. ** Set the large resize button to a custom size. ** Create custom player sizes. ** If width and height are empty it will result in either small size or large size. ** If only width is empty it will be automatically calculated with a 16:9 ratio from height. ** If only height is empty it will be automatically calculated with a 16:9 ratio from width. ** The align option is to set the player aligned to the description, comment and etc. If it's off it will just center the player depending on the Center Player option under the Player tab. ** The large option will move the video list under the player if enabled.
  • Fixed bug caused by Chrome v27 dev.
  • Fixed Player centering.
  • Fixed embed videos and featured channel videos.
  • Fixed Prevent (Playlist) Automatic Play/Buffer.
  • Added Rafael Damasceno to the credits for the Portuguese translation.
  • Improved Page Centering Speed


  • Update language database.
  • Added Japanese
  • Fixed bug caused by YouTube update.
  • Added Default option in the aspect menu.
  • Added new filename tags: dur (duration of video in total seconds), durmins (length of video in minutes), dursecs (length of video in seconds), nowtimestamp (current seconds from 01/01-1970), nowsecs, nowmins, nowhours, nowdays, nowmonth, nowyear, pubtimestamp (video published date in seconds from 01/01-1970), pubsecs, pubmins, pubhours. pubdays, pubmonth, pubyear.
  • Added prevent playlist auto buffer/play.
  • Fixed Center Page
  • Fixed encoding for displaying title in player.


  • Update language database.
  • Added Slovak translation thanks to ja1som.
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation thanks to 泰熊.
  • When "Hide Guide When Resizing" is disabled, it will move the guide below the player (not: small, large and content).
  • Fixed layout issue (buttons, guide, center).


  • Update language database.
  • Added option to automatically turn lights off.
  • Added option to always hide the guide.
  • Added option to remove branding banner, background and watermark.
  • Changed the settings panel design to better fit the new YouTube layout.
  • Fixed embed videos.
  • Fixed featured videos on channels (Except for HTML5).
  • Fixed playlist being misplaced.
  • Fixed the "Center Page".
  • Fixed the auto updater (The new YouTube layout broke it).
  • More fixes...


  • Update language database.
  • Added Polish thanks to Piotr.
  • Fixed bug in download menu.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed black borders for buttons.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Added the option to center the layout in Settings->General.
  • [DEV] Added classnames to the different formats in the download menu (ytcenter-downloadmenu-{FORMAT}).
  • Few other bugs I can't remember.


  • Update language database.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed graphical bug for the repeat button.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed resize bug when you resize to large or small.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed settings not appearing sometimes.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed the left-side panel not being shown correctly.
  • [New YouTube Interface] Fixed playlist list automatically disabling and enabling when going to and from the player size: small.
  • Fixed other bugs.


  • Update language database.
  • Added option to be able to choose between having the player centered or not (not available for Small, Large and Fill) for those with the new interface. Default is to have the player centered.
  • More fixes to the new interface (resize should now work correctly).
  • Optimized the listener implementation.


  • Update language database.
  • Added option to hide the repeat icon (Settings->Repeat->Show Icon).
  • Made the resize function compatible with the new YouTube interface.
  • Made the "turn lights off" function compatible with the new YouTube interface.
  • Fixed the dropdown menu (Aspect, Resize and Download).
  • Fixed the player update function (annotations, player color, player theme and etc. should now work).


  • Added Romanian language thanks to BlueMe.
  • Updated language database.
  • Added option to change the default player size in settings.
  • Settings button UI fix for Firefox when logged in without YouTube using the Google+ account.
  • Should work partial with the new YouTube layout.
  • Fixed bugs (Should now work with old versions of Firefox with Greasemonkey again).


  • Updated language database.
  • Fixed settings button UI for Firefox when logged in.
  • Fixed YouTube player bug.
  • Fixed "Auto Detection" of languages.


  • Added Simplified Chinese thanks to 小酷 and MatrixGT.
  • Updated language database.
  • Settings button UI fix (Was a little uneven with the other elements).
  • Fixed HTML5 player bug.
  • Enhanced the "Auto Detection" of languages. It should now be more efficient.
  • Small bug fixes.


  • Updated language database.
  • Added more useful console information to the debug log (Settings->Debug).
  • Bug fixes.


  • Updated language database.
  • Added new option in Download: Change downloads to links.
  • Added two new buttons: resize and aspect.
  • Moved Video tab into Player and Channel.
  • Separated settings for channel and watch player settings.
  • Cleaned debug log (removed useless information).
  • Major bug fixes. Known bugs:
  • Featured videos on channels with the HTML5 player doesn't work properly.


  • Should now work with Firefox Nightly again.
  • YouTube Center embed videos autoplay bug fix.


  • Fixed a bug which most modern and up to date just ignored. Should now work in Google Chrome with Tampermonkey and other old browsers.


  • Fixed a major bug which caused YouTube Center not to work properly (YouTube updated something).


  • Added Hungarian translation by Eugenox
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation by Thiago R. M. Pereira
  • Added more MP3 Services (, and
  • Channel videos now have these working (will properly seperate channel videos and videos settings in the future): ** Auto resolution ** Remove advertisements ** Enable annotations ** Auto hide bar ** (Prevent auto buffer) ** (Prevent auto play) ** Player Theme ** Player Color ** Keyboard shortcuts in document ** Volume Control ** Auto mute


  • Updated language database (Added Turkish).
  • Fixed enable annotations.


  • Updated language database.
  • Added filename tags: format, quality, type.
  • Added experimental flash mode: NRAB and Refresh HTML.
  • Fixed bug with filename not being present for some users on some videos (mostly Firefox users).
  • Fixed bug with double audio with experimental flash mode: Clone (This was properly caused by a memory leak in the browser but got it fixed).
  • Fixed save settings for some users.
  • Fixed a few other bugs.


  • Fixed an issue with Maxthon 3 not saving your settings.
  • YouTube Center should now semi-work with the new YouTube video interface (some of YouTube Center's features doesn't work, like the download button, repeat button and turn off light button).


  • Fixed issue with saving settings in Firefox.


  • Fixed issue with Tampermonkey.
  • Fixed some other bugs.


  • Updated language database.
  • Switched to strict javascript and hopefully this will help preventing bugs for some people.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Excluded YouTube Center from
  • Added translators in the about tab in settings.
  • Added placement system (still in beta. Still some style issues).
  • Added Player Color, which enables you to choose between the white or red progressbar.
  • Added Display in Experiment Flash Mode. This uses another method to apply changes from YouTube Center to the YouTube player.
  • Added support for the new homepage for YouTube.
  • Fixed some bugs and should now be functional on the following browsers: Google chrome, Firefox, Maxthon 3, Safari and Opera. On some the update function doesn't work.
  • Updated language database.


  • Added Settings Reset Button
  • Update language database
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Added German
  • Added update tab in settings (as in the old version) ** Enable Update Checker ** Update Interval ** Check For New Updates button
  • Added 3GP to filetype database (found in
  • Made Volume Control at Settings->Volume to be optional, can toggles here: Settings->Enable Volume Control.
  • Added detection of non downloadable formats in download menu (example:
  • Fixed some minor bugs (should not be noticeable)


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