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Developer Version

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The developer version of YouTube Center is an unstable version of YouTube Center, which will contain the latest features, bug fixes and etc. However, it's not guaranteed to work and could quite possibly mess up your browser, so we highly recommend taking caution when using the development build.


Userscript: YouTubeCenter.user.js
Chrome/Opera v15+: YouTubeCenter.crx
Firefox: YouTubeCenter.xpi
Opera <15: YouTubeCenter.oex
Maxthon: YouTubeCenter.mxaddon
Safari(*): YouTubeCenter.safariextz

* Safari requires a new certificate provided by Apple. Therefore, the Safari version is out of date.

###Changelog You can find a four month old changelog from v2.1.7 to the developer version here (Look at Added features not in v2.1.7).

Or you can look at the commits page of Github to find an always up to date changelog of DEV builds.

###Issues If you find an issue, please report it on the issue tracker. However, please use the search function to make sure you don't make a duplicate.

Creating a new issue

  • Make a coherent description that explains your issue in details. Use of picture are welcomed to help explain your issue (pictures are not an replacement for the description).
  • Please make sure that you include your version of YouTube Center including dev version, addon type (Firefox Addon, Chrome Extension, userscript, etc).
  • Specify your browser and browser version.
  • Include any additional information that might help in fixing the issue including the debug log.
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