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To run this, you will need a computer with MATLAB and Psychtoolbox installed.

start.m is the main script to run the experiment. In the Analysis folder you will find all the scripts used to generate the results of the mansucript. In the Results folder you will find raw behavioral data files (Results/Raw), processed behavioral data and psychometric functions (Results/Psychometrics), and the results of 10-fold cross validation used in fitting psychometric functions (Results/CV_10). In the Stimuli folder you will find our stimuli. In the Images folder you will find images that are used in the experiment (cartoon snakes).

If for any reason you want to cancel the experiment midway through, Psychtoolbox can be finnicky with taking control of your monitor and not letting go. In Linux, you can usually hit Ctrl+0 and then type "sca" (return) to close the psychtoolbox test window. Ctrl+C works to cancel the script, but sometimes you have to hit Ctrl+0 first. Again, psychtoolbox is a little funky.


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