Make your WKWebView happy with NSURLProtocol
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Note:If you target iOS 11, you can now use WKURLSchemeHandler to avoid this trick! 😆

让 WKWebView 支持 NSURLProtocol

This example project shows a way to use NSURLProtocol with WKWebView, which was not possible before.



Drag NSURLProtocol+WebKitSupport.h and NSURLProtocol+WebKitSupport.m into your project, then register the scheme for NSURLProtocol to handle:

[NSURLProtocol wk_registerScheme:@"https"];

// You can now use your own NSURLProtocol subclasses as before.
[NSURLProtocol registerClass:[MyAwesomeURLProtocol class]];

To remove the scheme from registery:

[NSURLProtocol wk_unregisterScheme:@"https"];


This category uses undocumented APIs in WebKit. Use at your own risk.