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GMEdit is a high-end, open-source code editor for GameMaker.

It represents what I consider to be the most important when working with code - being able to edit code quickly and comfortably, with features expected from a modern day code editor and conventional tabbed document design.

Rough lineup of features:

  • Supports a variety of versions, including GameMaker: Studio, GameMaker Studio 2 (pre-2.3 and 2.3 formats), and limited support for legacy (GameMaker≤8.1) projects.
    It can also be used to edit code for GML-based mods for games like Nuclear Throne or Rivals of Aether.
  • Spots a high-performance code editor (Ace), extended and fine-tuned for GML.
    Comes with GameMaker-styled keyboard shortucts that can be customized.
  • Has combined editors for objects, timelines, and extensions, allowing to view/edit multiple events/moments/scripts at once.
  • Fast save and load operations; only changes files it needs to.
  • Has a variety of syntax extensions to ease writing repetetive bits of code.
    Changes are non-destructive and the code remains readable/editable in base IDE.
  • Has custom theme and plugin support.
  • Free and open-source.

Overall, it can be viewed as a more pleasant alternative to GameMaker's base IDE, and becomes increasingly more advantageous the more code you write or the more complex your code gets.

By design it is something that you run alongside the base IDE, but there are ways you can avoid switching back and forth to run the game.

Maintained by: YellowAfterlife

Pre-built binaries

Stable binaries can be found on

Same page also houses screenshots and development log.


First time setup

  • Download/clone the repository

  • Download a pre-built 11.x Electron binary and extract the files into bin/ directory (so that you have bin/electron.exe on Windows or bin/electron on Mac/Linux).

    You can find which exact version GMEdit is using by evaluating process.versions.electron in the JS console (Ctrl+Shift+I).

    Alternatively, extract an existing GMEdit Beta to bin/ without replacing files.


  • Build the project via

    haxe build.hxml


    npm run compile

    , or open and run the included FlashDevelop/HaxeDevelop project.

    You'll need a current version of Haxe installed.

  • Run the compiled output with electron via npm start or just run the according Electron binary in bin/.


  • Programming language: Haxe
  • Code editor: Ace (with custom plugins and some minor edits)
  • Tab component: Chrome tabs (moderately edited)
  • Native wrapper: Electron
  • Light theme tree icons: Silk (slightly edited)
  • Dark theme tree icons: Font Awesome
  • zlib decompression: pako
  • Windows title bar color detection: this library
  • System font enumerator for the font editor: font-scanner (slightly edited)


MIT license