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Perl 6 wrapper around GLFW3
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GLFW Perl 6 Wrapper

Very much a work in progress. Thoroughly untested. Use at your own risk.

...But Why?

I wanted to learn Perl 6, and I wanted to learn GLFW. Both are still in progress.

How complete is it?

Well, the full GLFW API is (as far as I can tell) implemented, and most things are wrapped up in classes to provide a nice Perlish object-oriented interface. However...

How correct is it?

Not all all, I'm sure. The simple example (doc/example/test.pl6) runs on my machine (running Slackware64-current w/ both Intel and AMD graphics), but beyond that, all bets are off. I am using this for some personal projects, so as I run into things I'm bound to fix them. If you beat me to it, please submit a PR.

There are also some organizational issues. For example, some things are in what I am sure are very weird places, and some things are plain old constants when they should be Enums. I'll be fixing those soon.

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