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"""Utilities for creating classes that proxy function calls."""
class CollectionProxy(object):
"""Proxy attribute lookups to a sequence of objects."""
def __init__(self, obj_list_getter, definition_list=None):
"""See add() for a description of proxy definitions."""
self.obj_list_getter = obj_list_getter
self._defs = {}
for definition in definition_list or []:
def add(self, attribute_name, aggregate_func, is_callable):
"""Add attributes to proxy, the aggregate function to use on the
sequence of returned values, and a boolean identifying if this
attribute is a callable or not.
attribute_name - the name of the attribute to proxy
aggregate_func - a function that takes a sequence as its only argument
callable - if this attribute is a callable on every object in
the obj_list (boolean)
self._defs[attribute_name] = (aggregate_func, is_callable)
def perform(self, name):
"""Attempt to perform the proxied lookup. Raises AttributeError if
the name is not defined.
if name not in self._defs:
raise AttributeError(name)
obj_list = self.obj_list_getter
aggregate_func, is_callable = self._defs[name]
if not is_callable:
return aggregate_func(getattr(i, name) for i in obj_list())
def func(*args, **kwargs):
return aggregate_func(
getattr(item, name)(*args, **kwargs) for item in obj_list())
return func
class AttributeProxy(object):
"""Proxy attribute lookups to another object."""
def __init__(self, dest_obj, attribute_list=None):
self._attributes = set(attribute_list or [])
self.dest_obj = dest_obj
def add(self, attribute_name):
def perform(self, attribute_name):
if attribute_name not in self._attributes:
raise AttributeError(attribute_name)
return getattr(self.dest_obj, attribute_name)
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