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@@ -6,33 +6,19 @@ across a cluster. If you find [cron]( or
[fcron]( to be insufficient for managing complex work
flows across multiple computers, Tron might be for you.
-Tron ships with a `` file for installation as well as scripts for building a debian package.
-See [QuickStart]( for more details.
+Install with:
+ > sudo pip install tron
-Sample configuration files (and man pages) are in the docs/ directory.
+Or look at the [tutorial](
-Full documentation can be found on the projects [Wiki](
+The full documentation is available [on PyPI](
-Use Github. We're friendly I swear. Contributions welcome.
-Any issues should be either posted and discussed at
-or emailed to
-Running Tests
-The easiest way to run tron's tests is to:
+Read [Working on Tron]( and
+start sending pull requests!
-* Make a virtualenv
-* Install testify in the virtualenv
-* Call ``python `which testify` test`` from the repository root. You need to do this instead of just calling ``testify`` in order to make it use the correct Python executable (the one from your virtualenv).
+Any issues should be either posted and discussed [on
+Github]( or emailed to
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ tron (0.2.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
* Cleanup actions: run a command after the success or failure of a job (irskep)
* Logging to syslog with syslog_address config field (irskep)
* "zap" command for services (irskep)
+ * simplejson is no longer a dependency for Python 2.6 and up
* Fix weekday-specified jobs (mon, tues, ...) running a day late (irskep)
* Fix services being allowed in jobs list and causing weird crashes (irskep)
* Fix missing import in
@@ -41,6 +41,15 @@ goes to ``tron.log``, so you're better off running ``tail -f wd/tron.log`` in a
terminal. Kill ``trond`` when you're done with ``cat wd/ | xargs
+Running the Tests
+If you're working in a virtualenv and have installed Testify there (the
+recommended practice), you can run the tests with ``python `which testify`
+test`` from the repository root. You do this instead of just calling
+``testify`` in order for the correct Python executable and module search path
+to be used.
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Features
* "zap" command for services lets you force Tron to see a service or service
instance as **DOWN**. See :doc:`man_tronctl`.
+* ``simplejson`` is no longer a dependency for Python 2.6 and up
Bug Fixes
@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@
('share/doc/tron', [
- 'docs/sample_config_large.yaml',
- 'docs/sample_config_small.yaml']),
+ 'docs/sample_config.yaml'
+ ]),

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