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Tron is a centralized system for managing periodic batch processes and services across a cluster. If you find cron or fcron to be insufficient for managing complex work flows across multiple computers, Tron might be for you.


Tron documentation is available at

What Problem Does Tron Solve

  • Manage dependencies between batch process
  • A centralized configuration for batches which run on many machines
  • Start and restart services running on many machines
  • Monitor and report on batch process and services

What Problems Doesn't Tron Solve

  • Tron is not a message queue
  • Tron is not for running transactional batch processes

Basic Architecture

Tron is a python daemon that executes Jobs or Services across multiple Nodes.

It is powered by SSH. Meaning Tron just needs to be installed in one centralized location and configured to remotely execute commands.

Tron manages executing Jobs based on predefined schedules. It resolves dependencies between other jobs in a work flow. It maintains the history of job runs for later reporting. It has a flexible system for monitoring job failures.

State and job output (stdout/stderr) are stored on disk to avoid loss due to machine failure.

Tron communicates with command line tools, web interface, or whatever else you can dream up via a REST API.

Learning More

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