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run scripts written in other languages #24

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It wouldn't actually be that difficult for MRJob to run scripts written in other languages if they implemented the MRJob protocol (--steps, --mapper, --reducer, and --step-num). Instead of prepending python to our command inside Hadoop streaming, we'd prepend ruby or java or (for shell scripts) nothing. We'd probably run them like:

python mrjob.job.MRJob --mr-job-script mr_perform_aweomeness.rb

or alternately:

mrjob mr_perform_awesomeness.rb

The main thing is, I'm not sure there's any demand for such a feature.

Tell you what, you write the base MRJob class in your favorite language and put it up on github, and I'll hook it up to mrjob for you. :)


Also --combiner. (Just keeping this up to date)


Other things involved:

  • Rename python_bin to interpreter and support --no-interpreter and interpreter: null
  • Passthrough options: ???
  • Recompiling compiled executables for different contexts: ???

We need to incorporate Hadoop input/output format, partitioner, and jobconf into the steps format.



Default runner is inline.

MRJobLauncher does not support inline.

We'll have to have different defaults, I suppose.


Yeah, that's true. But reasonable.

I can imagine people not even realizing that inline and local modes have names, and just think; the job runs itself inline, and if I want to simulate Hadoop, I can run it from mrjob-launch (or whatever we call the binary).


This pretty much works now, but the interface for invoking it is pretty hacky. Rest of the issue is in #225.

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