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Merge pull request #963 from anusha-r/inline-fix

Using non-local flag in inline runner when executing steps
latest commit 226a741548
Anusha Rajan anusha-r authored
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bootstrap Fix #932: handle spaces in hadoop job -list output
examples oops, MRStep requires keyword arguments
fs Move constant to mrjob.utils
tools fix indent and add decription into --help start work on v0.4.3 use more readable format strings for AWS endpoints undelete blank lines PEP8ify everything that makes sense removed incorrect and unnecessary comment Move to common config module for EMR/Hadoop shared options Move to common config module for EMR/Hadoop shared options Adding a test and comments -> MRStep to suppress warning Added job_name to yet another list. improved documentation of runners PEP8ify everything that makes sense More descriptive help. Merge pull request #861 from santtu/patch-2 Remove mrjob.conversions and move its contents to mrjob.parse. use "self", not "cls" Merge pull request #716 from davidmarin/ssl_go_round Streaming output from closed runner shows a warning now updated copyright notices Make error_on_bad_paths internal Give better error message if keyfile is missing added tests for deprecated jar() and mr() methods Move constant to mrjob.utils
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