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NSCA is the remote passive acceptance daemon used with many Nagios installs. It ships with a (C-language) executable called send_nsca for submitting checks. This is a mostly-clean re-implementation of send_nsca in pure-python. It supports 10 of the 26 crypto functions used by upstream NSCA, sending to multiple hosts with one invocation, and timeouts.


  • This software was written by James Brown jbrown@uber.com.
  • This software is licensed under the LGPL v2.1


The unit/integration tests for this package are located in the tests/ directory. Unit tests only require the unittest2 package (or python 2.7+) and the mock library; integration tests also require the nsca binary. To run them, simply make sure that your $PYTHONPATH is set up correctly and run nosetests -v tests.


This software uses setuptools/distutils; you can install it with sudo python setup.py install, and it's easy to write packaging for your favorite OS.


It's Github; fork away!