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Changing print statement to reflect job is complete, not failed

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1 parent 2ed9d88 commit 5323a72de4451877936fa7566e301ea92d4bac77 @nloadholtes nloadholtes committed
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2 docs/1to2.rst
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ Worker
return super(CustomGearmanWorker, self).on_job_exception(current_job, exc_info)
def on_job_complete(self, current_job, job_result):
- print "Job failed, CAN stop last gasp GEARMAN_COMMAND_WORK_FAIL"
+ print "Job complete, CAN stop last gasp GEARMAN_COMMAND_WORK_COMPLETE"
return super(CustomGearmanWorker, self).send_job_complete(current_job, job_result)
def after_poll(self, any_activity):

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