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You've got lots of logging stuff which is throwing errors, I think this page might be relevant:

mtai commented Nov 15, 2010

Hey that looks good... how can I reproduce the error though? I'm running with DEBUG_MODE = True with python 2.5 and I'm not seeing any nasty logging printouts. I agree I should add the NullHandler but I'm not sure how I can test this

Hrmm I think you'll see errors if there's a problem with the gearman server, I was getting them with the older Perl version of the gearman server. I don't know how you'd go about replicating it. Perhaps add in a few debug log messages, add the nullhandler, then remove them?

mtai commented Jan 11, 2011

Closed with python-gearman 2.0.2

Thanks for the bug report!

This issue was closed.

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