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0.0.10 (June 19)

  • Handle ActiveSupport JSON case where incompatible string does not raise an error. (via Flameeyes)

  • Depend on latest version of MultiJSON.

0.0.9 (June 18)

  • Support a JSON token response with swappable JSON parser via MultiJSON.

  • Add support for “expires_in” parameter and relevant methods on AccessToken.

0.0.8 (April 27)

  • Change get_request_token to use POST to conform to OAuth 2.0 spec. (via jeremy)

0.0.7 (April 27)

  • Updating Faraday dependency for improved SSL support (via technoweenie)

0.0.6 (April 25)

  • Added ResponseString so as not to throw away response information when making requests.

  • Deprecated #access_token on WebServer strategy in favor of #get_access_token