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The School Discovery App is designed to help parents 1) identify the schools to which their children are eligible to apply and 2) understand the odds of their children getting admitted. To search for schools, parents enter an address and a grade level.  The search engine logic works as follows:

1. if no parameters are entered -> display a blank map and a welcome note (the default page)
2. if a grade level and no address are entered -> display the default page with an alert message
3. if a grade level and non-geocodeable address are entered -> display the default page with an alert message
4. if a grade level and non-Boston address are entered -> display the default page with an alert message
5. if a grade level and valid address are entered -> display the walk zone and assignment zone schools for that address
6. if high school and a valid address are entered -> display the walk zone schools and all of the other high schools throughout the city |


ogr2ogr -t_srs EPSG:4326 school_parcels_2012/ facility_parcels/BPS_schools.shp

require 'rgeo'
require 'rgeo/shapefile'
require 'rgeo/geo_json'
parcels ='../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/school_parcels_2012/facility_parcels.shp')
schools ='../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/school_parcels_2012/BPS_schools.shp')
schools_array = []
schools.each do |s|
  schools_array << s
parcels.each do |parcel|
  rails_parcel = Parcel.find_or_create_by_build_name_and_address_and_city_id_and_zipcode_and_shape(parcel.attributes['BLDG_NAME'], parcel.attributes['ADDRESS'], City.find_or_create_by_name(parcel.attributes['CITY'].try(:id)), parcel.attributes['ZIPCODE'], parcel.geometry)
  bps_school = schools_array.find {|x| x.attributes['BLDG_ID'] == parcel.attributes['BUILD_ID']}
  if bps_school.present?
    rails_school = School.find_by_bpsid(bps_school.attributes['SCH_ID'])
    rails_school.update_attribute(:parcel_id, if rails_school.present?

# zones ='../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/assignment_zones/zones_4326')
# dbf_schools ='../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/school_parcels_2011/schools.dbf')
# georuby_parcels ='../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/school_parcels/school_parcels')

CSV.foreach("../../Projects/SchoolSelection/Data/Schools/SchoolData_2011-12-Table.csv") do |row|
  if row[0].present?
    city = City.find_or_create_by_name(row[5])
    neighborhood = Neighborhood.find_or_create_by_name(row[7])
    assignment_zone = AssignmentZone.find_or_create_by_name(row[8])
    grades = row[13].split(/\b*-\b*/)
    puts grades.inspect
    start_grade = GradeLevel.find_by_number(grades[0])
    end_grade = GradeLevel.find_by_number(grades[1])
    puts [start_grade,end_grade].inspect
    if start_grade.present? && end_grade.present?
      grade_levels = GradeLevel.where("(id >= #{}) AND (id <= #{})").all
      puts grade_levels.inspect
      school = School.find_or_create_by_bpsid(row[1])
      school.grade_levels << grade_levels
      school = School.find_or_create_by_bpsid(row[1])

there are a couple of obstacles to hosting this app on heroku.

1) you need to have a postgis-enabled database. The shared database is not postgis-enabled. You need to have a private database, set up with [command]. Then promote it to your database with "heroku pg:promote"
2) when pushing with "heroku db:push", the taps gem doesn't recognize the postgis type. you need to temporarily change your config/database.yml file to have the adapter read "postgresql", not "postgis", or you can manually specify the path to your database with a postgre:// url
3) taps doesn't seem to preserve geographic column type. You'll need to go into "heroku pg:psql" and run:
ALTER TABLE parcels ALTER geometry TYPE Geography('MULTIPOLYGON',-1) USING ST_GeogFromText(geometry);
ALTER TABLE assignment_zones ALTER shape TYPE Geography('MULTIPOLYGON',-1) USING ST_GeogFromText(shape);

4) RGeo spatial adapter needs the adapter name set to 'postgis' to load. you accomplish this by setting the heroku DATABASE_URL.
run "heroku config", and look at DATABASE_URL
NEW_URL is the existing DATABASE_URL, but with postgres:// replaced with postgis://
run "heroku config:add DATABASE_URL=NEW_URL", where NEW_URL is your current database url

5) run 'heroku restart', to make sure your app loads the database correctly.
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