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It was behind from V10 anyways, probably doesn't even work on 12.0 anymore.
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Odoo Install Script

This script is based on the install script from André Schenkels (https://github.com/aschenkels-ictstudio/openerp-install-scripts) but goes a bit further and has been improved. This script will also give you the ability to define an xmlrpc_port in the .conf file that is generated under /etc/ This script can be safely used in a multi-odoo code base server because the default Odoo port is changed BEFORE the Odoo is started.

Installation procedure

1. Download the script:
sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript/12.0/odoo_install.sh
2. Modify the parameters as you wish.

There are a few things you can configure, this is the most used list:
OE_USER will be the username for the system user.
INSTALL_WKHTMLTOPDF set to False if you do not want to install Wkhtmltopdf, if you want to install it you should set it to True.
OE_PORT is the port where Odoo should run on, for example 8069.
OE_VERSION is the Odoo version to install, for example 12.0 for Odoo V12.
IS_ENTERPRISE will install the Enterprise version on top of 12.0 if you set it to True, set it to False if you want the community version of Odoo 12.
OE_SUPERADMIN is the master password for this Odoo installation.

3. Make the script executable

sudo chmod +x odoo_install.sh
4. Execute the script:
sudo ./odoo_install.sh