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net: "prototxt/main_32r-2-64r-2-64r-2-128r-2-128r-2-256r-2-1024rd0.5-1024rd0.5_DLR.prototxt"
test_iter: 100
test_interval: 100
# The base learning rate, momentum and the weight decay of the network.
weight_decay: 0.0000
# The learning rate policy
base_lr: 0.01
lr_policy: "fixed"
solver_type: ADADELTA
display: 1
max_iter: 800000
snapshot: 3000
snapshot_prefix: "models/main_32r-2-64r-2-64r-2-128r-2-128r-2-256r-2-1024rd0.5-1024rd0.5_DLR_adadelta0.01"
#log: "logs/main_32r-2-64r-2-64r-2-128r-2-128r-2-256r-2-1024rd0.5-1024rd0.5_DLR_adadelta0.01.txt"
solver_mode: GPU