UI for Dynamic Memory Networks
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UI for Dynamic Memory Networks

This repository contains only Web UI for the Dynamic Memory Networks.

Implementation of DMN you can found in YerevaNN/Dynamic-memory-networks-in-Theano

Beside of that you can run a fake server which documentation can be found here.



In order to run DMN UI you should install Node.js. After that you will need to install bower and gulp.

$ npm install -g bower gulp

Now, if everything was successful you should be able to run the following command to install other dependencies.

$ npm install
$ bower install


You need to seed DB for the fake API server and run it.

$ node server/seed-db > server/db.json
$ node server

After that you can serve your files. Files will be served under http://localhost:3000.

gulp serve


If you want to build your files (create production ready version) you should run:

$ gulp build

Built files will be located at /dist, you can serve them using your favorite static server. If you want to serve them using fake server you can run:

$ node server

And navigate to http://localhost:3003.