Use Kinect to create '3D mousepads'. This program detects finger position and send TUIO messages to pass them. Linux clone of Space Palette.
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Linux clone of MultiMultiTouchTouch aka Space Palette of Tim Thompson ( ).

Use your Kinect to define 'virtual' touchpads and 
send touch information in TUIO format. Look at the
wiki page for some screenshots.

Even on ARM platforms (I.e. beagleboard) are 30 fps reached.

 Call 'make' to 
 1. Install the dependencies
 2. Compile and copy 3rd party libraries into lib subfolder
 3. Build KinectGrid with CMake in 'build' subfolder

 If step 1 (suited for debian based systems only) failes, try to install the dependencies manually
 and call make again.

Known Problems:
 Kinect sensor did not shutdown if KinectGrid terminated with Ctrl+C.
 Solution: Press ESC in the application window or quit application over the webinterface.

 Websocket did not work and terminal prints out
  '[ERROR onion.c:385] Error accepting connection: Function not implemented'

 Solution: Probably your kernel did not support accept4(...). 
 Add #undef SOCK_CLOEXEC just before the the #ifndef SOCK_CLOEXEC at 3rdparty/onion/src/onion.c:193
 and recompile & reinstall the library.