An asynchronous fuzzy finder which is used to quickly locate files, buffers, mrus, tags, etc. in large project.
Python Vim script
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This plugin is mainly used for locating files, buffers, mrus, tags in large project.

  • Written in Python.
  • Support fuzzy and regex searching.
  • Manage buffers and mrus.
  • Open multiple files at once.
  • Extensible.


NameOnly Mode

FullPath Mode


  • vim7.3 or higher. Only support vim7.4.330 or higher after v1.01.
  • vim compiled with Python support, you can check by using echo has('python') or echo has('python3') to see if the result is 1; Make sure that your python2 version is Python 2.7 or higher and python3 version is Python 3.1 or higher.


To install this plugin just put the plugin files in your ~/.vim (Linux) or ~/vimfiles (Windows).
For Vundle user, just add Plugin 'Yggdroot/LeaderF' to your .vimrc.


Command Description
search files
:LeaderfFile [directory] search files under the directory specified
:LeaderfFileFullScreen search files, LeaderF window take up full screen
search listed buffers
:LeaderfBufferAll search all buffers
:LeaderfMru search most recently used files
:LeaderfMruCwd search MRU in current working directory
:LeaderfTag navigate tags using the tags file
:LeaderfBufTag navigate tags in current buffer
:LeaderfBufTagAll navigate tags in all listed buffers
:LeaderfFunction navigate functions or methods in current buffer
:LeaderfFunctionAll navigate functions or methods in all listed buffers
:LeaderfLine search a line in current buffer
:LeaderfLineAll search a line in all listed buffers
:LeaderfHistoryCmd execute the command in the history
:LeaderfHistorySearch execute the search command in the history
:LeaderfSelf execute the commands of itself
:LeaderfHelp navigate the help tags
:LeaderfColorscheme switch between colorschemes

Once LeaderF is launched:

Command Description
<C-C> quit from LeaderF
<C-R> switch between fuzzy search mode and regex mode
<C-F> switch between full path search mode and name only search mode
<ESC> switch to normal mode
paste from clipboard
<C-U> clear the prompt
move the cursor downward in the result window
move the cursor upward in the result window
open the file under cursor or selected(when multiple files are selected)
<C-X> open in horizontal split window
<C-]> open in vertical split window
<C-T> open in new tabpage
<F5> refresh the cache
select multiple files
<S-LeftMouse> select consecutive multiple files
<C-A> select all files
<C-L> clear all selections
<BS> delete the preceding character in the prompt
<Del> delete the current character in the prompt
<Home> move the cursor to the begin of the prompt
<End> move the cursor to the end of the prompt
<Left> move the cursor one character to the left in the prompt
<Right> move the cursor one character to the right in the prompt
<C-P> preview the result

Input formats:

  • In NameOnly mode (fuzzy)

    'abc' is interpreted as vim's regexp 'a.\{-}b.\{-}c'.
    If the first character you input is ';', then the searching will be the same as in FullPath mode.
    If you input string as 'abc;def', then 'abc' will match the file name and 'def' will match the directory name.

  • In FullPath mode (fuzzy)

    Same as in NameOnly mode except that the pattern will match the full path but not the file name only.

  • In Regexp mode

    The input string is the same as the Vim's regexp.


  • Change key bindings

    By default, <ESC> is the shortcut key to switch to normal mode, if you want to change it to be 'Quit from LeaderF':

    let g:Lf_CommandMap = {'<C-C>': ['<Esc>', '<C-C>']}

  • Customize the statusline

    Please refer to here.

  • Change the highlight of matched string

    highlight Lf_hl_match gui=bold guifg=Blue cterm=bold ctermfg=21
    highlight Lf_hl_matchRefine  gui=bold guifg=Magenta cterm=bold ctermfg=201
  • Change the default mapping of searching files command

    e.g. let g:Lf_ShortcutF = '<C-P>'


This plugin is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").