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This plugin takes advantage of newly provided conceal feature in Vim 7.3, so Vim 7.3 with conceal feature is needed.
## Installation
-To install the plugin just copy indentLine.vim into plugin directory.
+To install the plugin just put plugin files in your ~/.vim (linux) or ~/vimfiles (Windows).
## Setting custom line colors
For gvim, hi Conceal guifg=(color you like) guibg=NONE
For vim, hi Conceal ctermfg=(color you like) ctermbg=NONE
You can change indentline char by youself.
-change this variable:
-let g:indentLine_char = 'c'
+change this variable: let g:indentLine_char = 'c'
'c' can be any ascii character you like, you can also use '¦', '┆' to display more beautiful lines,
but this only aplies to file whose encoding is utf-8

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