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SSTLab 2015 | CanSat Competition

/** Cansat Code (Master Code) Yahya M. Gilany Space Systems and Technology Lab (SSTLab) TODO: Do I need to ? set pin 10 as output (SD card) > who's SS TODO: Temp from mpu TODO: Line 107 TODO: two batteries summation (DONE) TODO: change comments for the mpu 117 Mission: This project is to measure the temperature, pressure, humidity , time, date , altitude , longitude , latitude , // ============================================================== // = Used Sensors and components = // ==============================================================

  • 2 ATMEGA 328P
  • DHT11 - Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • NEO-6M - GPS Module
  • MPU6050 - Accelerometer and Gyroscope (Temperature Also)
  • BMP085 - Pressure sensor (can also measure Temperature)
  • SD Card reader module
  • RF Module - Wireless module // ============================================================== // = Pin connections = // ============================================================== **I2C Devices:(MPU6050, BMP085, Slave Arduino Uno)

Arduino I2C Devices

A4 SDA (Serial DAta) A5 SCL (Serial CLock) Gnd AD0 (Only in MPU-6050) +3V3 VCC Gnd Gnd *Don't forget the 10K resistances between Vcc & SDA and SCL

Arduino DHT11

+3V3 Vin (1st Pin from right) D5 Data (2nd) ... (3rd pin) left unused Gnd Gnd

Arduino SD Card

D10 CS (chip select) D11 MOSI D12 MISO D13 CLK (clock) +5V 5V Gnd Gnd

Arduino GPS Module

D4 TX D3 RX +3V3 Vin Gnd Gnd

Arduino Other Components

A3 Battery Life D9 Buzzer // ========= // = Notes = // ========= // ================ // = Team Members = // ================ Due Thanks To my amazing team who was able to work under pressure and overcome all the obstacles we've gotten through -Eng. Ahmed Adel Al Rewiny (PCB and Power System) -Eng. Ahmad Mostafa (Ground Station) -Eng. Hussein Junior (Structure) -Eng. Samar El Diary (Recovery System) -Eng. Yahya Gilany (On-board processor and coding) Also Due thanks to all those who've extended their hand for help throughout -Eng. Hassan Ali -Eng. Ahmad Abd El-Moniem -Eng. Mostafa Sayed -Eng. Ahmad El-Khateeb -Eng. Ahmad Hamada for his support and all other team for their sport manner // ========= // = Notes = // =========

  • Haven't put the option to measure the tempreture from the BMP085 Sensor due to the delay it would have beent taken to switch between the pressure and tempreture. **/


SSTLab 2015 | CanSat Competition




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