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VSCode Terminal Launcher



This extension comes really handy for any project in which you may need to have one or more terminal window open while developing. i.e.: Run Unit tests in watch mode, transpile your code using babel, ...etc.

This extension allows you to set up and configure your projects with the terminal windows and commands that you want to run and it would launch them for you through the VSCode integrated terminals.

See the demos below.


Press F1 in VSCode, type

ext install vscode-terminal-launcher


Save Project

First you'll need to save a new project along with the scripts that you wish to run.

Terminal Project: Save New Terminal Project

Save Project

Edit the list of project

To easily add more projects, edit, or re-cofigure a previously added project. you can edit the projects.json file yourself with the following command and the json file will open up ready for editiing.

For each command a separate terminal window is used.

Terminal Project: Edit Terminal Projects

		"name": "vscode-terminal-launcher",
		"root_path": "/path/to/vscode-terminal-launcher",
		"commands": [
				"name": "Run automated tests",
				"script": "npm run test-watch"
				"name": "transpile code with babel",
				"script": "npm run babel-dev"
		"name": "API",
		"root_path": "path/to/API",
		"commands": [
				"name": "Application",
				"script": "npm run dev"
				"name": "transpile code",
				"script": "npm run babel-dev"

Run the terminal project

Once you're in the same directory of a project that you saved earlier, you can trigger the terminal extention with the following command

Terminal Project: Run Terminal Project

Run Terminal Project

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • "terminalLauncher.projectsConfigurationsLocation": the path to the terminal-project.json file. leave it empty if you want to use the default


"terminalLauncher.projectsConfigurationsLocation: ""

Known Issues

The extension was only tested on macOS, some issues may arise on other Operating systems.

Please feel free to file new issues and submit pull requests to resolve any issue you may have.

Release Notes

please refer to the change log



MIT © Yahya Gilany