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Do you like the idea of changing light timing temperature and humidity settings from anywhere that you have an internet connection? If so HOBloom is for you. This system allows you to purchase some very cost efficient hardware and sensors giving you the features of multi thousand dollar systems for anywhere from around $60 for basic monitoring. You can add smart outlets to control appliances and lights built your system out piece by piece for very low prices.

Setup And Installation

Everything you need to know from what you need to buy to what you need to do to set everything up can be found at the HighTek wiki here. Below I have added a list of direct link to helpful areas in the documentation. If this is your first time setting up the system the lost below is a great place to start.

Contact Info

If you would like a pre setup unit or would like to contract me to come out and set one up for you and teach you how to use it reach out using one of the methods below.

Support Open Source Horticulture Software

If you like what we do any would like to help support us check out the links below