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Fixing Changelog

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1 parent 5e4e817 commit 3f343391545fb0d0ea0bb81d8f5dafa194585620 @Yiivgeny committed Oct 4, 2012
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Version 1.1.11 work in progress
- Enh #673: Changed CClientScript::scripts to be public (mdomba)
- Enh #675: CDateFormat::format() now returns null if the parameter $time is null (mdomba)
- Enh #690: Added sender name and proper headers for UTF8 encoding when sending e-mail in SiteController->actionContact() (mdomba)
-- Enh: CConsoleApplication will additionally send error messages to the PHP error system logger (Yiivgeny, mdomba)
+- Enh: Added sending messages about errors and uncaught exceptions to the PHP error system logger (Yiivgeny)
- Enh: Added default value to CConsoleCommand::confirm (musterknabe)
- Enh: Allowed returning integer values as application exit code in CConsoleCommand actions (cebe)
- Enh: Added third parameter to CHttpCookie to configure the cookie by array (suralc)

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