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VizWiz Captions Evaluation

Code for the VizWiz API and evaluation of generated captions.

View the tutorial Jupyter Notebook.


  • python 3
  • java 1.8.0 (for caption evaluation)



  • demo_vizwiz_caption_evaluation.ipynb (tutorial notebook)


  • This file contains the VizWiz API class that can be used to load VizWiz dataset JSON files and analyze them.


  • train.json (VizWiz-Captions training set)
  • val.json (VizWiz-Captions validation set)
  • Dataset shares the same data format as MS COCO.


  • fake_caption_val.json (an example of fake results for running demo)
  • Dataset shares the same data format as MS COCO.

./vizwiz_eval_cap: The folder where all caption evaluation codes are stored.

  • This file includes the VizWizEvalCap class that can be used to evaluate results on VizWiz.
  • tokenizer: Python wrapper of Stanford CoreNLP PTBTokenizer
  • bleu: Bleu evalutation codes
  • rouge: Rouge-L evaluation codes
  • cider: CIDEr evaluation codes
  • spice: SPICE evaluation codes


  • The primary VizWiz API is standalone.
  • Download annotation files.
  • For caption evaluation, you will first need to download the Stanford CoreNLP 3.6.0 code and models for use by SPICE. To do this, run: ./
    • To run shell scripts in Windows, you can setup Windows Subsystem for Linux.
    • The command for Windows will then be bash
  • Note: SPICE will try to create a cache of parsed sentences in ./vizwiz_eval_cap/spice/cache/. This dramatically speeds up repeated evaluations. The cache directory can be moved by setting 'CACHE_DIR' in ./vizwiz_eval_cap/spice. In the same file, caching can be turned off by removing the '-cache' argument to 'spice_cmd'.




This work is closely adapted from MS COCO API and MS COCO Caption Evaluation API.

Original Developers

  • Xinlei Chen (CMU)
  • Hao Fang (University of Washington)
  • Tsung-Yi Lin (Cornell)
  • Ramakrishna Vedantam (Virgina Tech)

Original Acknowledgements

  • David Chiang (University of Norte Dame)
  • Michael Denkowski (CMU)
  • Alexander Rush (Harvard University)
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