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A curated list of adversarial learning paper on graph-structured data.
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A curated list of adversarial learning paper on graph-structured data.

Papers are sorted by their uploaded dates in descending order.


Year Title Type Target Task Target Model Venue Link
2019 Adversarial Defense Framework for Graph Neural Network Defense Node Classification GCN, GraphSAGE Arxiv Link
2019 Robust Graph Convolutional Networks Against Adversarial Attacks Defense Node Classification GCN KDD 2019 Link
2019 Can Adversarial Network Attack be Defended? Defense Node Classification GNN Arxiv Link
2019 Attacking Graph-based Classification via Manipulating the Graph Structure Attack Node Classification Belief Propagation, GCN Arxiv Link
2019 Virtual Adversarial Training on Graph Convolutional Networks in Node Classification Defense Node Classification GCN Arxiv Link
2019 Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks via Meta Learning Attack Node Classification GCN, CLN, DeepWalk ICLR 2019 Link
2019 Comparing and Detecting Adversarial Attacks for Graph Deep Learning Defense Node Classification GCN, GAT, Nettack RLGM@ICLR 2019 Link
2019 Graph Adversarial Training: Dynamically Regularizing Based on Graph Structure Defense Node Classification GCN Arxiv Link
2018 GA Based Q-Attack on Community Detection Attack Community Detection Modularity, Community Detection Alg Arxiv Link
2018 Data Poisoning Attack against Unsupervised Node Embedding Methods Attack Link Prediction LINE, DeepWalk Arxiv Link
2018 Attack Graph Convolutional Networks by Adding Fake Nodes Attack Node Classification GCN Arxiv Link
2018 Link Prediction Adversarial Attack Attack Link Prediction GAE, GCN Arxiv Link
2018 Attacking Similarity-Based Link Prediction in Social Networks Attack Link Prediction local&global similarity metrics Arxiv Link
2018 Fast Gradient Attack on Network Embedding Attack Node Classification GCN Arxiv Link
2018 Adversarial Attacks on Node Embeddings Attack Node Classification, Community Detection node2vec, DeepWalk, GCN, LINE ICML 2019 Link
2018 Characterizing Malicious Edges targeting on Graph Neural Networks Defense Detected Added Edges GNN, GCN OpenReview Link
2018 Adversarial Attack on Graph Structured Data Attack Node/Graph Classification GNN, GCN ICML 2018 Link
2018 Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks for Graph Data Attack Node Classification GCN KDD 2018 Link
2017 Practical Attacks Against Graph-based Clustering Attack Graph Clustering SVD, node2vec, Community Detection Alg CCS 2017 Link


Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph Data: A Survey (Link)

  title={Adversarial Attack and Defense on Graph Data: A Survey},
  author={Sun, Lichao and Wang, Ji and Yu, Philip S and Li, Bo},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.10528},
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